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Flea control with Borax powder

Submitted by Cece

I found that by sprinkling "Borax powder" it got rid of fleas in the carpet.

See also Borax powder - some facts

The following was sent in by anon

Borax is deriven from the sodium family like salt. Fleas have exoskeletons just as ants do. What happens when you pour salt on a slug?? IT WITHERS UP AND DIES.
1) Run the vaccume, the vibrations will cause any eggs to hatch.
2) sprinkle borax all over carpets, Then work it into the carpet with a broom. Let it set over night (at the least 4-6 hrs)
3)Wash all bedding/ throw rugs, pet beds in borax and laundry soap.
4) After the Borax has set on carpets for4-6 or over night sweep it up.
Repeat in two weeks.
I as well as my daughter are allergic to fleas, we had carried them in on our shoes and this does work!!

Visitors comments

desperate Comments By: anon on 2005-12-03
Have suffered from intense flea investation in our house for the past 3 years, despite professional treatments. Am going to wash cat with baby shampoo, spray carpets, clothes cupboards with Borac acid. Any other suggestions? Can't cope any more!!
Boric Acid Warning Comments By: Virginia on 2006-03-15
Just be careful that your pets can't get at the boric acid. It can be toxic. I was told it works against roaches, but warned to put it behind appliances etc., where the pets can't ingest it.
For your fleas, sorry to hear the professional treatments didn't help. Don't know what to suggest, but if you have a knowledgeable person at a Do It Yourself Pest place, maybe they can help, or just keep checking with vets or online. If source is uncertain or questionable, do follow up research to make sure your family or pets' health is not jeopardized. Good luck.

borax powder help Comments By: anon on 2006-09-21
i cant find boric powder or acid anywere please could somebody help me by letting me know where i can purhase it
Buying Borax Comments By: Crystal on 2006-10-12
You can buy Borax at your local Wal-Mart in the laundry detergent aisle.
flea and roach control Comments By: anon on 2007-05-17
I bought boric acid at Fred' Discount store at a cheap price and it worked. Sprinkle the powder all over the carpeted area and leave a few days before you vacumn.
20 Mule Team Borax laundry detergent Comments By: Julie B., Richmond, IN on 2008-06-14
In the laundry section of any department store, look for a bluish-green box. It's called 20 Mule Team Borax. You sprinkle it on the carpet and leave it there for a day or two, then vacuum it up. The borax powder had very, very fine bits of ground glass in it, which is what kills the fleas. The glass is ground so fine, it doesn't bother us or our pets, but to a tiny flea, it is death.
Borax works! Comments By: HB on 2008-06-15
Yes, I too tried the Borax powder idea and found it worked excellently. A great tip, thanks.
Leave Borax for only 15 minutes on carpet Comments By: Richelle on 2008-07-28
I just had a flea infestation, and my vet said only to leave the Borax on the carpet for 15 to 20 minutes, then vacuum it up. Don't forget to take out the vacuum bag and throw it in the trash can, which should be removed from the main house. Otherwise, you're just reinfesting your house.
problem with fleas Comments By: L C on 2008-08-06
Hello do you know if I can use borax powder in my cats please help me thanks
borax? Comments By: Jeremy Burger on 2008-09-16
I understand borax also weakens
the condition of flea eggs?
Anybody confirm?

How borax works Comments By: Katie on 2008-10-09
From what I understand, borax or boric acid kills flea eggs (and possibly fleas) by dehydrating them - it's not the glass that kills them. As for toxicity - there seems to be a debate on this - you can check toxicity on Wiki. Personally I've used it around the cat with no problems, because she's just not interested in anything she can't smell to eat! I've read reports of other people also having no problem using it around pets and children, but this depends on your what type of pet you have, your pet's habits and children's ages (and habits!). Wouldn't let a small hamster wade through it - that would probably be devastating. I think given the above you just have to approach it in a common sense manner - some people do a room at a time and keep their pets out of that room 'til it's done. Only you can decide depending on your circumstances/pets and children.
Borax and fleas. Comments By: Trevor Taylor on 2008-11-23
I used a flea collar and 4 months of Advantage in one month, after vaccuuming repeatedly. Threw away the cat post. Now I am trying Borax. I sprinkled it all over the carpets and under the furniture, and worked it in with a broom, then gave my cat another bath. I am leaving it in for a couple of weeks, because I used a flea bomb areosol that said it would kill eggs and even that didn't work. I think that the Borax will. (Crossing my fingers.) I hate fleas!
It's working! Comments By: Trevor Taylor on 2008-11-27
I am finally getting some much needed sleep after having put the Borax in the carpeting and it seems to be working so far. (My ankles are proof.) I also wanted to mention that instead of throwing those costly vaccuum bags out, wrap them in a plastic bag and put them into the freezer. The extreme temperature will kill any fleas that were picked up while cleaning. :)
Stockists of Borax Powder Comments By: tom fyfe on 2008-11-28
Can anyone helpme to find a stockist of Borax Powder in the Central Scotland/Glasgow area

TipKing Says: Try your local chemist. They should be able to help

Did Someone Mistaken Borax for Boric Acid? Comments By: Patrick Wu on 2008-12-21
I wonder if laundry detergents are natural flea killers or there is something unique with Borax laundry detergent. When a chemical has pesticide function, it is required to label it that way, I imagine, and I find no such labeling on Borax powder. I wonder if this happens to be a priest threw a virgin into the volcano and the eclipse happens to be ended, but they all thought that was the cure. Would someone try other laundry powder and see if they work just as well?
Borax is not of the same chemical compostion as regular dish detergent! Comments By: Pensacola, Florida on 2009-04-26
Hello! You with the snarky comment about Borax being no different than regular powdered detergent! What part of tiny glass particles as the active killing mechanism do you not understand? Borax is fantastic, by the way. It does kill fleas and roaches. You can do tons of stuff with it!!! Polish copper, clean tarnished silverware... It's fantastic!
20 Mule Team Borax laundry detergent by a retired vet tech Comments By: Nicole on 2009-05-26
Just wanted to say that this product works wonderfully in the carpet. I don't recall the how or why but it does work. The best way to use it is to vacume FIRST! Move the sofa a little and vacume. Vacume sofas, blankets, drapes, etc. This wakes up the fleas and promotes movement instead of sleeping through the Borax treatment. Pour powder on carpet lightly in one room for about an hour. I also dusted the sofa and lower edge of drapes. I did this while the animal was closed off in another room. I don't care how natural a product is or how safe they say it is, there's no reason to have the animal walking around on something like this and then spending the day cleaning their paws. Vacume the borax out of the carpet in an hour and then start again in another room. Works great!
it's not 20 mule team borax Comments By: cheeky on 2009-05-29
call 1-800-457-8739. this is 20 mule team borax hotline. they will tell you their product contains NO boric acid
Product Safety Sheet For 20-Mule Team Borax Comments By: Terry on 2009-06-12
Borax is not Boric Acid, But.... Comments By: scarab on 2009-06-20
per the msds from Dial corp, borax becomes boric acid after being absorbed into the body. however the only problems found with animals were when LARGE doses were ingested.

Have found that when sprinkled liberally and dampened down in carpet that it decimated flea infestation and combined w/daily vacuuming eliminated problem.

side note for roach problem: sprinkle along where walls meet floors because they tend to travel there most often.

side note for ant problem: mix w/sugar or sugary substance and place out of reach of kids and animals but in area where the most ants are seen.

Help!! Borax and a 4 year old?? Comments By: Aston on 2009-07-09
I'm reading some great stuff about borax and flea control- have 2 adult cats that are constantly being let out by my 4 year old who's in and out of the house and beagle who sleeps in a kennel indoors at night.. then is tied out daily- but we unfortunately have fleas! Yuck..so can I use the Borax on my carpets with my son? I understand I'd do this while he's not present, however he plays with trucks and stuff on the floor so..even though I vacuum, is it safe for him after I vacuum the borax?? Not to mention a baby on the way...Thanks everyone!
Borax works! Comments By: Seneschal on 2009-07-10
Years ago when I first moved into my house, the previous owner had several cats. After they left, I became their sole provider of blood :-( I tried fumigation, spray, etc., but nothing worked. Finally I heard about Borax and put it in, it was like magic! The fleabites went away immediately.
Just recently a neighbor's cat has been bringing fleas back to my house, I just finished putting Borax on the carpet and waiting for the fleas to dried out their little tummies with glee.
I have read that the manufacture of Borax does not encourage this use however, probably out of insurance liability for carpet stains and dead pets.

Borax powder on pets Comments By: Kendra on 2009-07-22
Ive used numerous flea products on my dog and he still has fles! Is it possible to comb his fur with a flea comb with the borax powder on it? just a thought! Maybe it might work. Then give him a bath an hour later? Please i need some knowledge!
borax laundry booster works Comments By: dee on 2009-07-28
everyone in my family has used 20 mule team borax - sprinkle it on carpet like carpet fresh - then wait - I usually wait at least 1 hour - since we all have multiple animals - and both my sisters have multiple kids - both animals and children have been exposed - with NO PROBLEMS NOTED IN EITHER - it is a laundry booster and is in the laundry section at the grocer's - remember to retreat in a few weeks! new fleas may hatch out! also remember to re-treat your pets in the recommended number of weeks BECAUSE new fleas WILL hatch out - otherwise the cycle WILL continue if you don't
for use on pets Comments By: dee on 2009-08-05
I use an herbal soap for flea and tick control - the soap is "Puppy Poo" and it is a bar of soap - not liquid- made by pretty baby herbal soap - I get it off the internet - have not had a problem with either fleas or ticks on my animals except when I bring in a new stray - then I retreat the carpets with 20 mule team and re-wash the dogs - the soap contains penny royal and lavender among other things which are natural flea repellants
old 'puppy' - will borax harm him Comments By: Janice on 2009-08-07
Kendra asked about combing your dog with borax, any comments? What about bathing in a diluted mixture. My 'puppy' is 17yrs old, I'm concerned that the fleas (discovered 4 weeks ago) will compromise his immune system, but am just as concerned about treatments harming him. We are currently bathing him in ivory soap, have sprayed & bombed yet seem to be losing the flea war. HELP!
elderly dog & borax Comments By: Janice on 2009-08-07
Is it harmful to bath an elderly dog (17yr old beagle) in a diluted mixture of borax? Does anyone know about adding apple cider vinegar to pets food to help repel fleas? Our dog likes to go under the deck, should we spray a mixture of borax under the deck? I'm at wits end. Help!
Where to find Borax powder Comments By: Don M on 2009-08-12
I tried all local chemists (South yorkshire) without success.Some even told me it is illegal to sell it now !!.I found Borax powder on Ebay costing around 6 + p.p.
Hope this helps people ..

Im Going To Try Borax Comments By: Carole on 2009-08-17
I could not handle the fleas anymore when I woke this morning. I had two on my leg while I was still in bed. GROSS! My dog and cat were both in the bed...I went to Kroger and bought Borax, and I have been on the prowl ever since. I also heard to use baking soda to sprinkle on carpets. I would try it too, but I will wait to see how this works first! I will give an update soon.
Update for Borax Comments By: Carole on 2009-08-19
Well things are getting better, my poor pooch has had three baths in three days with flea soap. Borax has helped alot too. I took everyones advice and it actually did work better than i thought it would. My leg is healed, my pooch is not eating his back, and my house feels like a home again! Thank you all for posting!!
BORAX DOES NOT WORK ON ADULT FLEAS!!! Comments By: Itchy Jason on 2009-08-26
I have used every flea killing product available to human kind (much to my cats dismay) and NOTHING worked. I was looking on the internet and came across borax (20 mule team..they really should update that little girls look). I read that it gets rid of flea infestation by dehydrating them. I decided to do a little experiment myself by dropping a adult flea into a mason jar and putting borax directly on him (or her) and waited to see what would happen, hoping that if I listened carefully I could hear them scream..heh, heh. However, much to my surprise it did nothing...its been jumping around in that jar for over 2 hours!! It would appear that borax is useless for adult fleas...I have been treating my whole apartment for close to a week, and the populations seem to be cut back...not erradicated like i want..but anything more than nothing is something. Upon further reading on the net, I think borax works on the egg and larvae stage by dehydrating them then. Unfortunately they are very small and i have not come across any of them to test this theory out on. I would not wish a flea problem on my worst enemy (well maybe my boss) and i am probably going to have to go to the vet and pay hundreds of dollars to possibly annihilate the blood sucking buggers. I have tried yeast..no luck..powders (Seargents)no luck..drops (Hartz) no luck..flea collars (Hartz)..useless, surface sprays (Hartz)..just slowed them down. They say that in the event of a nuclear war cockroaches will inherit the world, I think they can add fleas as well!
where to buy borax or borax substitute Comments By: karen on 2009-09-13
i have bought borax substitute in savers the high street shop a bit like superdrug it was 99p for 500grams you can also get it on amazon but more expensive try looking on the greenstore website too england only good hunting
Borax has no glass and is NOT boric acid Comments By: chris on 2009-09-21
Boric acid has NO GLASS IN IT call te 800 number please. It is quite diffrent than boric acid, although both have Boron, which is quite nasty to fleas and roaches and many other things. It does kill adults and eggs. I could be wrong but diatomisious earth is also real good on rugs since it dehydrates and scars their outer shells killing them. DO NOT buy Pool Grade there is a different one for gardens, this is good for the DOG HOUSE, UNDER THE PORCH as well as any other place fido and fluffy roost. Be real careful about over use of boron in the garden cause a little is ok, a lot can sterilze the earth to plants and ruin the water table - forever.And I can't remember which one but one of them is a deterrrent to carpenter ants. but may be used to kill them in the house. Powdered cinnomin can be used a border defence for ants and doesn't hurt kids.
borax doen't turn to boric acid Comments By: chris on 2009-09-21
according to the peoplpe at 20 muleteam borax , that doesn't happen. I asked them today. You may call and get a diffrent answer , but not from what I was told. In other places on the web, I saw that, but not from d'em guys.


FLEAS Comments By: BhodieBob on 2009-10-03
Best solution is no pets in the house. Could except fish and maybe rodents. Anyway, I like the guy who did the experiment. That reminds me of another solution: flea circus.
BATHING CATS-DON'T DO IT! Comments By: penny lane on 2009-10-12
You should not bath a cat as it strips the skin and fur of any natural oils that helps their vody against flea's to begin with! If you must bath your cat then she should be not be done very often at all.
hey itchy jason Comments By: itchy in pa on 2009-10-14
The problem is the use of hartz products they are like adding water useless. Im bringing out the big guns this time. I have heard if was all animals with flea soap to kill, when dry add frontline or advantage do not wahs animal for two tp three days. Borax any carpet for one hour then vacuum, use ortho max bug spray around house then in home in all corners you will kill them all. Down side you must keep this up every three months to ensure they dont return. I will try it get back to ya. I will do anything to not be covered in flea bites. All in all this will cost 40 dollars every three months. If not terminex had a guarantee after one year that they will annihilate all flees. Hope it works.
Brewers yeast Comments By: Jake on 2009-12-29
My buddy swears by borax . However my mom used brewers yeast and we really didn't have any fleas for a fam of seven with over twenty small dogs . My mom used to breed dogs. I would say do both. Also they make dog flea and tick. Shampoos for a reason be carefull what u put on ur animal cuz of ph etc. U have to let flea shampoo soak on a anim for Rex time on bottle. Believe it or not fleas love grass for some reason. Always treet ur yard I have seen fleas jumping in grass like u would not believe
Brewers yeast Comments By: Jake on 2009-12-29
My buddy swears by borax . However my mom used brewers yeast and we really didn't have any fleas for a fam of seven with over twenty small dogs . My mom used to breed dogs. I would say do both. Also they make dog flea and tick. Shampoos for a reason be carefull what u put on ur animal cuz of ph etc. U have to let flea shampoo soak on a anim for Rex time on bottle. Believe it or not fleas love grass for some reason. Always treet ur yard I have seen fleas jumping in grass like u would not believe
Borax and Salt Comments By: Tami on 2010-01-28
I used Borax and salt. I found this idea on the net and it works!! All so use a sprinkel of Brewers Yeast in the pets food it was a great safe way to repel the nasty fleas.
Vacuum cleaner damage? Comments By: T2 on 2010-02-05
I've used borax powder too and it did work, BUT it damaged my vacuum cleaner. Now I have fleas again (never had any pets!) and want to do the borax powder again but don't want to damage my brand new and expensive vacuum. Any suggestions?
Borax works, and keeps working Comments By: Steve on 2010-02-17
Have used grocery store bought borax powder before and I'm prepping to do it again. Get a cheap plastic garden rake (about 10-12 inches wide - looks like a kiddie rake) and rake the knap of the carpet up before and after vacuuming. Lay down the borax powder and work in with the same rake and leave it for an hour or so then vacuum. Repeat vacuuming every 1-2 days and this should aleviate your problems. I did this in an apartment I lived in (with cats and dogs) and NEVER had another sighting. Keep the animals treated as well. Good luck! Hey Jason - it takes more than a couple of hours so give it time.
will laundry borax work? Comments By: sarah on 2010-03-20
Just wondering if the laundry soap works like the borax is supposed to. The 20 mule stuff is supposed to work I hear. Have wood floors with some rugs and was gonna put it on the rugs and couches.
Get rid of fleas naturally & safely Comments By: Shirley on 2010-04-07
try Ciatomaceous Earth in a 12 oz shaker by Thomas Labs. Safe for your cats & dogs to walk on.
Hoping something works Comments By: Amanda on 2010-06-09
I've had a horrible infestation of fleas this year. And I don't even have any pets!! My landlord got a local exterminator to come out and spray, but they must have sprayed flea food instead of something that would kill them. They told me to vacuum once a day, and I've been vacuuming twice a day and my daughter and I are being eaten alive! I'm leaving to go on vacation this week and I was going to try sprinkling Borax on the carpet before I leave and just let it sit the next week while I'm gone. Hopefully it works....
Tea tree oil Comments By: Matthew on 2010-06-23
TEA TREE oil will kill fleas mix it with warm water and spray it where you need it. NOT sure about a cat buy i was my dogs with it to kill the fleas it is a natural healer and great for scraps and scars on people add a bit to a warm bath for a dog call your vet about using it on a cat, but for your carpet use about 1 cup WARM or hot water which ever and 1 tablespoon of tea tree oil. spray and let it stay make sure to clean first and then spray and stay off the carpet for a few hours or untill it dries. now tea tree oil works for a lot of things and won't harm my pets 5 dogs and 2 birds (i don't wash my birds they are just in the house where i use it). now the more tea tree oil you use the better and faster it works you can also use rubbing alcohol 90% is the best. don't add water it will kill fleas on contact. WARNING** test the tea tree oil and Alcohol on a small area of your carpet to make sure it won't hurt it. i have dark blue in my office where i spray tea tree oil and it is fine i use it to keep dust mites out and kill all the other bugs in the floor. there is a strong natural oder with the oil even when you add water so make sure you are ok with that. now tea tree oil does cost a little more 20oz is $8.00 at my walmart (Alabama) but it is worth that because it works and keeps me from using chemicals in my dogs blood like flea drope and pills. (If it works keep up with it about once a month or so. you will see how it works for you in about an hour.)ALSO ONCE YOU MIX THE TEA TREE OIL WITH WATER KEEP SHAKING IT AFTER ALL IT IS A NATURAL OIL AND DOESN'T MIX WELL WITH WATER. hope this helps let me know how it works or what you think. [email protected]
Fleas and borax Comments By: B.C on 2010-07-02
Much better results with Borax powder than "Bombing" the room with the chemichal sprays.But i came back to my dog after being on hols for a 10 days,to find him scratching A LOT. Gave him a bath and saw what looked like mud coming from his back,it was flea dirt,so ,down to the vets-closed-!So i bought "4Fleas tablets",gave him just one and within 1 hour over 200-yes -200 fleas lay dead on his bed.(i stopped counting at 200) I cannot shout my praise loud enough about this product.I told my daughter and although she uses frontline,8 fleas dropped off her redsetter within half an hour,she also is amazed with this product.I payed 5 85 at "pets at home" for 3 tabs. but on ebay i have just ordered a pack of six for 1.99.(p.p1.99)
fleas Comments By: Maria on 2010-09-01
VRemeber the flea cycle new eggs hatch every 14 days, forgot how many they lay everyday, so sometimes it will take a few months to get rid of. Fronline wks better than advantage in my house hold.
fleas Comments By: Maria on 2010-09-01
Remember the flea cycle new eggs hatch every 14 days, forgot how many they lay everyday, so sometimes it will take a few months to get rid of. Fronline wks better than advantage in my house hold.
Control of Black Ants Comments By: Jimbo on 2011-06-13
Had infestation of small black piss-ants a few years ago and the exterminator used spray around doorways and base of walls. In the kitchen he squirted borax powder using a rubber bulb into cabinets and any openings under or between cabinets or counter tops. It worked. Now have same infestation problem in another house and sprinkled borax powder along base boards plus using a basting bulb to get into small openings. The ants have disappeared and hopefully will not return
fleas from guest visiting with dogs Comments By: anon on 2011-06-17
I have a 1 yr old toy poodle without any fleas. Had visitors come with dogs 12 yrs old n possibly with fleas. I see tiny things jumping n itchy around my carpet. Should i try borax n then vacuum. My vacuum is bagless so im afraid of what to do. My oggy is good flea free. I check him n he gets flea treatment every 4 weeks on schedule plus wiped every time he goes outside for walks n taking care of business. I keep a very clean house n now upset im dealing with this. Please help asap. Im losing it.
Advantage over Borax Comments By: Chris on 2011-07-20
I've used Advantage on both of my 14 year old male cats since they were kittens. Nothing compares to it's effectiveness if used regularly. I can't even remember the last time I saw a flea in my home.
Note: To pet owners who are using regular soaps or shampoos on your pets; you need to check with your veterinarian about the ph balance because if it is not suited for your pet (as human soaps and shampoos are matched to human ph balance), it may cause the pet's skin to become dry and flaky or otherwise cause them discomfort. A brief phone call to the vet should help you to be sure of a product's safety for your pet.
Good Luck!


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