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All Acne needs is TLC

Do not touch your zits or your blackheads. I would also try proactive solution because it works great for me! bangs can also be a problem. it causes forehead acne

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Thanks Comments By: Cindy on 2005-04-28
This comment was not useful at at...
Oh your soo helpful Comments By: Joni Waffle jr on 2005-06-13
dont ya think we already know that
Yea Right Comments By: Ashley on 2006-05-21
Doesn't work, never will.
... Comments By: Peehee! on 2006-07-31
you guys aren't very nice... but anyways, I heard proactive isn't very good cause your face becomes like, immune to it... So it works for the first month or so...
good tips Comments By: acneplagued on 2007-08-17
if it qorks for them then dont diss it and even if it only works for the first month doesnt everyone want clear skin for a whole month. and having bangs does give u forehead acne that is why i grew mine out. not sure about proactive i would try the noxema stuff it works well and u can even feel it working. also try using a toner afterwards.
hmmmm Comments By: michelle478 on 2008-07-15
ive heard alot of people say proactiv is no good
NOT picking at your acne Comments By: Amanda on 2010-07-04
NOT picking at your acne definitely won't do you any harm, the bacteria on your hands and under your nails can only make it worse. Also, picking and squeezing irritates your acne and might create swelling and redness... and who wants that? Proactive can work for some people, I'm sure, but I tried it and I didn't notice a difference. My friend used Proactive for a few weeks and it was great but it did stop working for her.

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