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To remove eyeliner on the bottom of your eye

Submitted by Lindsy.T.

To remove eyeliner on the bottom of your eye, what you need is;

  • 1 cutuip for each eye
  • Water

Get your cutip wet and use your finger pull down you'r eyelid take you're cutip and gently rub it against where you have eye liner and glide across your eye and turn it around and do it again till all is gone and repeat on the other eye.

Visitors comments

Not such a great idea... Comments By: Ange on 2006-07-27
That isnt really the best idea for removing eyeliner from your lower eyelid. Q-tips arent alway 100% germ free and gliding it across your lower lid that close to the iner part of your eye could cauze spred of infections such as pink eye and if you've ever had it you know its definately something to avoid. It mite be better to use water and a wash cloth with ur eyes closed to rub you eyes then i found that hand lotion or vaseline works quite well to remove the raccoon circle it causes around your eyes after washing your face.
some problems, but it works Comments By: Jay on 2006-10-08
imm a boy, so i may apply the eyeliner differently then most girls, but this works to get it off. however the stray hairs from the quetip burn when they touch ur eye. and then it leaves coon circles around ur eye but thouse are easy to get off. also it works better if before using a quetip u yet ur finger and run it across your eye 2 or 3 times then use the quetip that way its ready to come off when you use it. the hotter the water the better.
My own Solution Comments By: CC on 2006-11-16
Alot of people might be nervous trying this, but I put a really small dot of hand soap on the Qtip first, it works great. I use the wet, soapy side first, then wipe away what's left with the dry end.
Better soloutions Comments By: alaa on 2007-05-11
it's not really a great idea, it makes your eye red, you can bye make-up remover wipes to remove it easily.
Zilch Comments By: Marina on 2007-06-04
I have yet to try this but can't see how it would work, I have tried everything, face wipes, eye make-up remover, even a liz earle cream that you work into the 'closed' eye area and then remove with special muslin hot cloth, that works better, but still the eyeliner clings on.
some problems but might work Comments By: Melissa on 2007-07-13
The cutip technique works good but it burns the skin around your eye and makes it look raw and red. Olay makeup remover wipes work great and take off all eye makeup w/o leaving the racoon circles under your eyes.
what i use Comments By: sarah on 2008-04-10
I prefer to use vaseline on cotton wool works fine
Thanx Comments By: Ashley on 2008-04-29
I wounld use a water Q-tip but it does make the area under my eyes raw and it burns. But all your little advice helped me out a lot, thanxs=]
BETTER IDEA!!! Comments By: arianna on 2008-12-29
u can dab ur Q-tip in Johnson&Johnson tear free baby shampoo.
My adVice Comments By: sImpliCity on 2009-01-24
That sounds like it may take a liiil while longer when what I use.. Which is of course... jus vaseline and some good ol old fashion tissue.. It works great too if u have on mascara.. I prefer to use qtips when fixing my eye liner.. Try it.. You'll see what I mean
a question Comments By: mahsa on 2009-05-08
when you use q-tip and hot water. Doest it make your eyes to have infection or no?
try this Comments By: callegurl92 on 2010-02-01
use a tiny bit of lotion and the eye make-up will come off
Baby oil is the trick! Comments By: Korggooo!!! on 2010-02-03
Mant people may think this will hurt but ... BABY OIL IS THE KEY!!! it doesnt hurt your eyes or no harm is done . just use a qtip and put a little baby oil on it and slind on both top and bottom or eyelid ... this also works with mascara but just use a tissue or some toilet paper.
old fashion Comments By: old fashion on 2010-02-12
use either vasaline or lotion put on eye lids and around your eye lids then wipe away with tissue or a wet wash cloth repeat until its gone also do the same b4 u apply bcuz there still a light residue under the eye
I think thtll hurt ur eye.... Comments By: Anon on 2010-10-31
It sounds like it would make your eye become red. I just use a makeup remover and when I wipe my face off with a wash cloth I take the corner of it and lightly wipe on the inside lower lid (while my eye is open).
Baby Lotion Comments By: Anduwil on 2011-01-18
I couldn't believe how well this worked. Baby Lotion on a Q-tip removes the eyeliner completely and gently without burning and no need to pull the skin around the eye. I even clean my brushes with the lotion. Works better than expensive brush cleaners.

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