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Aspirin the Zit Healer

Submitted by Vanessa

If you have a large sore zit, to ease the swelling simply crush up an aspirin and add a bit of water to form a paste. dab some on your zit and the swelling and redness will go away

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good advice Comments By: none on 2005-08-24
just so people know why this helps. Aspirin is basically salycic acid, which is found in many acne creams, gels etc. It provides the same treatment as say a neutrogena spot treatment!
Works Comments By: Samuel on 2005-11-14
I tried this and it works great! It didn't do much for the redness but brought down the swelling a great deal.
lemon Comments By: Jennifer on 2007-10-21
it that doesnt work, try lemon instead of water. the lemon will dry it up faster!
zit Comments By: kole on 2008-02-06
wat about just puttin rubbin alchol on it?
egg whites Comments By: natasha on 2008-10-02
rub egg whites on the zit and leave it on for ten to fifteen minutes...
Urine Comments By: Anon on 2008-12-31
Pee on a bit of toilet paper then rub it on your trouble spots. Works better than clearasil!
Acnefree Comments By: Acnefree on 2010-12-21
Heya all, I was no special case in Zits, but as much as people say and write that we shoulnt be too worried about zits, that its mostly a psychological problem... it would just BE MUCH BETTER WITHOUT THEM:)
Not just that it works...it works the best. I really tried everything, sales products, thoothpaste etc. I will write to you now what to do.

First: The more you touch acne, the more problems you will have. Not only it will spread, but that same one will look worse and worse.So we need to remedy it gently and quickly. When you do the second part FORGET IT. You have done all you can and now you will FORGET IT, ACCEPT IT, and go back to other daily issues and routines.

Second: Aspririn holds salycic acid, on which every antizit cream is based on. PLUS, it will DRY OUT ZITS which any cream will not. This is VERY IMPORTANT. It will destroy it gently from the inside and dry it out from the outside. PLUS, the antibiotic will soothe the REDNESS of it in 10 minutes or so. CRUSH the aspirin between two spoons AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. put it in a small cup, and just add TWO OR THREE DROPS OF WATER. Make the paste more solid, not too much deluted. Apply it on the Zit and a little around it. LET IT DRY OUT WITHOUT TOUCHING. You can leave this over night. Leave it AS LONG AS YOU CAN. Then wash it out with COLD WATER. the redo the process.

Additional info: You have to pop it first. Clean it with some antiseptic (soap), POP IT, clear it again, dry it out. Then do as written ABOVE.
DO NOT WASH IT OFF every hour, leave it there AS LONG AS YOU CAN. ACCEPT YOU HAVE IT, AND UNDERSTAND THAT YOU DID ALL YOU CAN (which is more then enough). The results will come out really really soon. It will get into your pores kill it with salycic acid, dry it, and reduce redness! All of this is really easy and IT WORKS perfectly- if you dont touch it, if you dont wash it off every second, and if you have patience.
**follow all instructions, ESPECIALLY the instruction about patience**

this is true it works! Comments By: Ashton Thacker on 2010-12-22
first go out to your local food market , go to the shampoo and face cleansor place.Look for a bottle that says witch hazel and buy it , it should be about 3 or 4$. now go home and a apply every morning and every night before bed , even if u have no zits or anything. Your welcome (:

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