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Miracles of Olive Oil for hair

Submitted by TipQueen

As said before there are numerous uses for olives and olive oil. Such as also applying olive oil to your hair, just put some in a spray bottle and every night spray some in your hair and massage gently. This will allow the oil to get to your roots, and will create stronger healthier roots to your hair, as well as giving it a healthier glow :).. It may be a little on the smelly side, and messy side for those pillow cases, so remember to just tie up your head with a showercap or bag :) and you'll be fine

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Olive oil for hair Comments By: Margaret on 2005-05-10
It may lubricate your hair on the outside but eating foods that help hair growth and beauty start from the inside!
Check with your doctor to see if you have a mineral or calcium deficiency. Sometimes you may lack certain hormones that affect your hair.

Also using too many contrqaptions like hair dryers, hot combs, electric rollers, perms do a lot of damage and destroy your scalp that includes hair sprays and gels they clog the scalp. Stay away from all that junk and you will have stron healthy hair!

Olive oil Comments By: ShanChai on 2005-06-08
Your suggestions did work!But my Mom said that just put olive oil at night and the next day wash off with a super cold water and pour on a baby shampoo and conditioner and what my mom said did work so i hope it will also work for you,Anyway thank you for your suggestion really it work!Have a good daaaay!!!!
I use Olive oil it works Comments By: Acire on 2006-08-20
I use Olive oil on my hair and my butician was amzed at how healthy my hair is now. I just started about 2 months ago. When I went in to get my hair braided she was running her finger in it like "DANG! What have you been using on your hair?' I love it and I use it everyday. I am african american and our hair need more moster tha my caucasian sisters, but, You can put in your hair any race. Rinsing it with cold water works best if you need less moister. Put it on for maybe 30 min and massage your scalp. kind of like a hot oil treatment. It is really good if you have head lice, It slides them right out.
which olive oil? Comments By: Monika on 2006-09-09
Can you please let me know which is the best olive oil for hair? I see there are lot varieites of olive oil available in the market. I live in India and have never used olive oil before. Please let me know the complete name and brand. I have dry hair.

TipKing says: I would experiment with the cheapest available. Just wash it out if it does not work!

Which Olive oil? Comments By: Sari on 2006-12-06
Which olive oil I can use for hair re-grow? is it the cooking olive oil extra virgin from the supermarket or the special olive oil for hair from the pharmacist?

TipKing says: Start by trying the one from the pharmacist

olive oil is the best Comments By: starlight on 2009-01-29
can i use olive oil in my hair regularly without washing it out . like a hair lotion. the olive oil that you cook with.
slightly hair loss Comments By: Leo on 2009-10-12
im kinda going bald on the front top of my head and a little bit on the top back of my head if i use olive oil at nights and wash it out in the morning with aloe vera shampoo would it help it regrow?

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