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Acne home remedy

Submitted by Dito

I know that you are very tired by searching best treatments to get rid of acne. All the treatments may not give you 100% satisfaction. But here is an a wonderful treatment to make a acne free face. There are two sections for this treatment, the first one is to remove pimples and the second one is to get rid of spots.

To remove pimples: 

Daily morning apply after-shave lotion that contains alcohol and wash it off in the evening. Alcohol can exert the oil inside the skin to outside. In night apply toothpaste that does not contain mint to the face and wash it off in the next morning. Do this treatment for 2 weeks and then you will be pimple free. Applying after-shave lotion daily can also prevent the popping up of new pimples.

To disappear spots: 

Take the white of a egg and mix it with one teaspoon of honey. After stirring it for 1 minute apply the mixture to the face with a piece of cotton. Wash it off after 20 minutes with mild hot water. Do this treatment twice in a week for two weeks.

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