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Mothballs Plant protector

Submitted by Andrew

Sprinkle a few crushed mothballs around your flower beds to deter cats from scratching up your plants or new seedlings.

Visitors comments

Squirrels Comments By: Jannette on 2007-09-11
Could I put some in the same hole as my bulbs and would that stop the squirrels from eating my bulbs?

TipKing says: It is worth a try!

holes in flower beds Comments By: sissy on 2008-07-18
will moth balls keep whatever is digging holes all in my flower bed. i dont know if its a mole are an armidillio. but its is destroying my flower bed at night.
kill plants? Comments By: Anon on 2008-09-02
won't the mothballs kill the plants? isn't the material used to make mothballs poisonous?
Question...re - mothballs. Comments By: anne on 2009-09-19
We were told today that the production of mothballs was stopping.
Safety or something. Not sure.
How true is this do you think? We live in Lancashire.
Thank you. 19th Sept. 2009.


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