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Dressing For The Weather

Like many of us, it seems hard to choose what to wear in the morning before heading out to work. Knowing how to dress for the weather or the changing weather is the key. When we head out in the morning it could be freezing and half way through the day change to be warm and sunny. 

Cold Weather

Some suggestions for staying warm in extreme cold weather are to layer your clothes to accommodate for changing weather. The first layer of clothing should by lightweight and able to manage moisture to keep perspiration away from your skin to prevent irritation. A second layer should be able to trap warm air from your body and prevent it from escaping. This will keep your body warm and insulated. The outer layer should be a form of protection from the wind, rain, sleet and/or snow. The outer layer will help protect the insulation layer from getting wet and losing the warm body heat. Your feet will also need weather protection such as insulated socks, shoes or boots. If your feet get wet and cold than you will feel cold all over. If the weather should happen to change and get warmer than a layer can be easily removed.

Warm Weather

A few suggestions for staying cool in warm weather is to wear lightweight clothing, something that will move your perspiration and heat away from the skin to keep you dry and comfortable. To keep you dry and comfortable fabrics need to breathe and let warm air and water vapor move away from your body to keep your skin dry and irritant free. When choosing a color stray away from darker colors, which tend to absorb more heat, choose fabric that is light in color. Keep your clothes simple. Wear simple styles in pastel colors. Have a summery cardigan to slip on when the evening temperatures drop. Choose light shoes or sandals to keep your feet feeling cool and dry. 

For Both Warm & Cold

Always wear clothing that are loose and will provide you with the freedom of movement.

Your skin also needs special care during the changing weather. 

Winter Skin Care

To keep your skin from drying in the cold weather use heavier moisturizers, always wear a foundation, use moisturizing body washes (soap tends to dry the skin), use lukewarm water instead of hot and apply a moisturizer after showering while your skin is still damp. During the winter months wear gloves to keep your hands warm and dry, apply moisturizing cream often.

Wearing SPF is just as important in the winter as it is in the summer. The UV rays reflecting off the snow has the added ability to damage your skin. Using SPF of 15 or more is recommended when skiing, snowboarding or enjoying any outdoor sport.

Winter is not only damaging to your skin it is also hard on your fingernails. Moisturize your cuticles before going to bed to avoid brittle nails. Protect your hand from harsh cleaning chemicals by wearing rubber gloves.

Lips should be protected from the dry, cold air by wearing lipstick or lip moisturizer. 

Summer Skin Care

Always wear SPF when outdoors. The sun is very damaging to our skin.

Use moisturizer sparingly under your make-up.

To avoid having your make-up run and smudged looking, apply your make-up lightly. Apply a light dusting of powder over the middle part of your face, you�ll absorb the shine but you�ll still have a natural fresh look.

Instead of using a heavy matte lipstick apply a light shade of lip-gloss that will give you a fresher cool look.

Using a lightweight fragrant body lotion will give your exposed skin a fresh clean shine without appearing sweaty.

As the weather changes and the temperature drops, stay warm and protect your skin from the dry air and chilling winds. Bundle up and protect your skin and soon that thermometer will rise and once again summer will be here.

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