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Dizziness cured with lemon, lime or orange

Submitted by bert

To cure constant dizziness, grate lemon, lime or orange peel into your yogurt or fruit salad. Also works for nausea and little strokes.

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IT REALLY WORKS ! I STILL CANT BELIEVE IT Comments By: Lisa on 2005-07-13
I've been dizzy for 1 week constantly.I still can't believe it... it really works!I ground up lemon and lime peel and mixed it with grapes and peaches,and a little sugar.Thank-you i feel so much better!!
how much? Comments By: kristen on 2007-05-25
im just trying this idea, but i would love to know an amount i should eat of the peels of the fruit!!!!!????? help please!
Amount Of Fruit Peel Comments By: Bert on 2009-02-03
Hi Kristen,
Just grate a little from an orange, lime or lemon. Too much may cause stomach discomfort.


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