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Getting rid of strech marks

Submitted by becca

To remove strech marks rub some NO-AD hawaiian style dark tanning oil it cantains coconut oil cocoa butter and vitamiin e rub that over strech marks 2-3 times a day and u should notice a difference in the apprenance.

They will start to fade and dissapear the only thing is strech marks that have turned white will not dissapear but they will blend in only the strech marks that are a purple or redish color will dissapear

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Wives tale Comments By: Ellie on 2005-05-16
This is just simply not true. Topical applications can only absorb into a few layers of skin and stretch marks are "scars" deep below the skin surface.
Question Comments By: CC on 2006-11-16
Whether they actually go away or just become less noticeable it doesn.t really matter, does it? My only question is this: What if you have really fair skin? Is there a lighter shade of the oil you're talking about?

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