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Wonders for crowsfeet

Submitted by Liz

Got this from one of the sites. I love cheap stuff and this is the cheapest and works wonders not just for crowsfeet but all over my face. Keep a small bottle in your bag and dab each time you feel dryness on your skin.

1 vitamin E, capsule
3-5 drops rose water

1. Burst one Vitamin E capsule in a bowl.
2. To its contents, add a few drops of rose water.
3. Mix well.
4. Dab this to the areas around your eyes.
5. This will keep the area smooth and supple and prevent the appearance of fine lines under your eyes.
6. Do this frequently, till you see great results.

Visitors comments

good Comments By: kobe on 2009-10-16
this sounds good,i don't really have too many wrinkles yet as i'm still young but i would want to try this when i get a few

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