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Cleaning your bathtub

Submitted by Dawn Beattie

The fastest, easiest, and safest way to clean your bathtub is with Simple Green All-purpose Cleaner and the Magic Eraser!!!

It cleans rust, soap scum...you name it! With little or no scrubbing! Before you try anything else, I highly recommend this!!!

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I agree Comments By: anon on 2005-06-02
I purchased the Magic Eraser just to try it on a whim... I couldn't believe how well this sponge works! I cleaned my whole bathtub/shower with it, then rinsed the tub and all with water, and it was very clean and shiny! I haven't tried the Simple Green with it yet... but now I will! Thanks for a great tip!
magic eraser/simple green Comments By: kathklean on 2006-10-21
just remember magic eraser has bleach, so be sure to read the ingredients for possible fumes, I think simple green is too strong for the inside of the house, I've tried it to no avail. I'm trying all kinds of things. I've found the only way to get some soap off is scraping it off, unfortunately.
wow Comments By: corri on 2007-08-30
who needs simple green just the magic eraser was all i needed on my VERY nasty tub.
Magic Eraser Comments By: susan on 2011-03-05
I have found that my local Dollar General Store sells an off-brand of Mr. Eraser, works just as well and less expensive!!!!

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