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Remove a sty from your eye with tea bags

Submitted by b mccoy ajax ont.

Used tea bags work greay to remove a sty from your eye simply let cool and place on eye for severl minutes a few times a day and whalla no more sty works better than most over the counter products

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It works great!!! Comments By: Anon on 2005-07-10
I tried putting a wet tea bag on my sty and the puffyness went right away. Thank you so much!
Great, I will try this! Comments By: anonymous on 2005-07-15
Oh great, I was wondering if tea bags would help out because I just started getting one I think and I will try this and I will let you know how it worked out alright?! Thanks so much!
trying it the now Comments By: anon on 2006-05-22
got full blown sty willing to try anything will let you know when it goes
my eye is annoying me Comments By: PHIL BARONI on 2006-06-20
ive had a stye for no lie about 6 months or so in both my eyes im so pissed im gonna rob a jewellery store pretty quick to get my hands on some or try this tea bad idea.IM SO MAD
totally works Comments By: A on 2006-08-12
My eye was swollen like Rocky Balboa, and in 3-4 applications of hot, hot tea bags, it totally went away, even the little white pimple on my eyelid disappeared.
the tea bag works Comments By: shanelle on 2006-09-06
the first time i got a stye my bestfriends mom told me to use a tea bag to heal it...that was a long time ago...ever since ive been using a tea bag evertime i get a stye...it actually works
the tea bag works Comments By: shanelle on 2006-09-06
the first time i got a stye my bestfriends mom told me to use a tea bag to heal it...that was a long time ago...ever since ive been using a tea bag evertime i get a stye...it actually works
TRYING IT Comments By: April on 2006-10-15
well im about to try it and excited too!! well i'll c if it works=D
Works most of the time. Comments By: Kris on 2006-10-25
My grandmother always told me to use this method. It works about 95% of the time. The one I have now is being stubborn.
first STYE before a weekend trip Comments By: jackie on 2006-11-09
omg, i've had the most stressful week and to add to it, i developed a stye before i head out to Chicago to see a man i haven't seen in over a year!! I'm TRYINg the tea bags and i hope to GOD from all the great things i've heard, this works!
stye Comments By: gwenny on 2006-12-04
well i was wondering if it matters what flavor of tea you use?!!j/k actually it works fairly well and so does gold as i used my wedding band once.
Help Comments By: Lawonda on 2007-01-19
I have had styes in both of my eyes for 3 months and they are so bad that they are almost swollen shut. Can someone tell me what remedies really work?
What type of tea bag Comments By: Sean on 2007-05-21
As I sit here at 4 am with a horrible Stye, I have just made my cup of tea..do I use Yorkshire tea? PG Tips or Tesco's Finest...this is beginning to bug me now this Stye. Good job you dont suggest coffee because I can;t stand coffee ;)
IT DOESNT WORK IN CHALAZION Comments By: Ann on 2007-07-12
Its not a sty if you've have that for more than a month. I think its called chalazion. Sty lasts only for less than a week or 2 weeks at most.Chalazion is caused by blocked glands in your eyes. I dont actually know if teabags will work on chalazion. I've read on a magazine that if chalazion didn't heal naturally for 2-3 months, you should have it removed by surgery or sort of injection.
Going back to teabags, yup, it works.. i just have no patience with that because whenever I put it on my eyes, it keeps on falling sidewards.=)

working well! Comments By: Jon on 2007-08-16
I have had a large stye on my eyelid for 4 months now. After 2 applications of the tea bag, it is now almost gone!
teabag Comments By: silviaaa on 2007-09-08
its on my eye right now...hopefully it works!=)
Hope this works Comments By: Allison on 2007-09-12
Gunna give tea bags a try, just been to see the nurse and now have antiboitics.. eye very swallon and now after 2 weeks of me going back .... they have told me i have a infection..grt... and i of on my holiday tomorrow....
My Sty Eye Comments By: DPO on 2007-09-14
I do seem to get a lot of Sty's one or two every month, I treat them by gently bathing the infected Eye with Chamomile tea sweetened with a spoon full of Manuka honey, after bathing I put the Tea Bag over the Eye, The Sty will normally discharge the same day or the next, and can clear a few days later,
Best to treat ones Eye the moment you think you may have a Sty on the way,
I find this works better then any thing I have ever been given by a Doc.

Trying now ! Comments By: steffy on 2007-09-16
ive had my sty for about 2 dayz now and i cant sleep and i can barely open my eye
so im guna try this idea and let you no how it goes :D

it does work!!! Comments By: shawna on 2007-09-18
I loved it the pain is practly gone, and so is the stye
its does not work for everyone Comments By: Toni on 2007-09-25
sorry i used the tea theory and my sty has not went sown at all and i have had it for almost for days
Yes it works Comments By: Ruthlouisej on 2007-10-16
Have hardly been able to sleep all night because of a sty that's just come up overnight. Have just sat with a tea bag on for 5 mins - as hot as i could stand it (PG Tips if you're interested!) and the pain has started to subside along with the swelling. Fab remedy!
it works Comments By: Danyell R. on 2007-10-23
I woke up this morning and could barely open my eye because of this friggin sty.so I tried the tea bag it took away the swelling and pain.This has got to be best remedy.Thanks a lot=)
Stye Comments By: Anon on 2007-10-29
Hi. I Have Got An Stye And I Was Looking It Up.
And I Was Looking For Some Help To See If It Goes Becuase I Am Going To School Tomoroow And My Eye Is Really Swollen And Ut Embarrasing And I Dont Want To Go .
So I Was Looking At The Tea Bag Sugestion And Most People Say It Works So I Am Going To Try It.
I Am Going To The Nurse So So I Will Try When I Get Back.
Ill Let You Know How It Goes

hopefully it'll work Comments By: wendy on 2007-11-08
well i've been have a sty since may and now and tonight i'm going to use the tea and hoping that it's going to work.i'm so embarass with a sty and i also go to school.i hope it does work.
ARGH! gay docs! Comments By: cyst face... on 2007-11-10
ive got 2 cysts.. one on each eye.. ones on the top lid.. and the other is on the bottom.. IT HURTSS and it has made the whole eye lid swell up!
i asked for an appointment.. but the doc jus said jus put warm water.. tried that for 2days now.. jus got bigger..=[
im gonna try this tea bag thing.. sounds lyk a legend! hope it goes b4 school starts! GO TEA BAGS! aha

thank you Comments By: jay jay on 2007-11-10
thank you so much for your help i have a date tonight and im trying your method i pray to god it works!!
internal sty Comments By: =[ on 2007-12-06
i have one thats underneath my eyelid
and its drooping my eyelide, giving my asian eye an ever more chinky look
im trying this hoping it works

Brilliant Comments By: Rich on 2007-12-11
I was more than a little sceptical about this tip, but I must sat that 20 mins after the first application I can already feel the swelling starting start to subside. Great stuff. Thank you!!
Self Loathing Comments By: KL on 2007-12-16
You said: "and its drooping my eyelide, giving my asian eye an ever more chinky look
Clearly, the stye is the least of your problems.

ummmmmmmmm i dont know Comments By: sye die on 2007-12-25
i just got thepain and a lil swelling
i am going to try the tea bag and see how it works
most likely it will be mint favored tea lol.........

cousin's help Comments By: Briana on 2007-12-27
my cousin told me today to put a tea bag on the sty and i thought she was kidding so i did research and its true. so far it helps...ALOT!
remove sty Comments By: nomorestypls on 2007-12-31
It's Dec 31st, 2007. I woke up with swollen eye and my guess is Sty is going to ruin my New Year Eve events. I put tea bags on my eye repeatly for 4 times so far. And my eye already looks much better than this morning. Thanks so much for the great suggestion!!!
teabag on a stye Comments By: Caroline Winn on 2008-01-01
sat here with teabag on my eye. will let you know if it works
Worth a try! Comments By: Jennifer on 2008-01-01
I used this method and it helped my sty come to a head and burst within about 7-8 hours. I would certainly try this again the next time. However, on other websites I saw that it recommended warm, moist compresses. So I don't know if this remedy actually has anything to do with the tea or if it is just the warm moisture that helps. Either way...my sty is gone and I am happy!!!
great it works Comments By: Cassandra on 2008-01-10
this actually works i am trying it right now. the swelling has gone down alot same with the pain
THANKYOU!! Comments By: sophie on 2008-01-15
it worked. cheers <3
??? Comments By: (*>)
Does the teabag have to be wet or dry?

TipKing says: Wet

will try it...2 chalazion surgeries Comments By: cynthia on 2008-02-13
well ive had 2 chalazion surgeries on both eyes before both of them got infected so to the surgery room i went...recovery is not painful but the big lump is embarrassing lol i had one for about a year never went away and the 2nd surgery was both eyes for 3 months. i have a sty now on my upper eye lid, has never happened before, so i dont want to have a 3rd surgery now...so im going to try that tea bag stuff and see whats up hopefully it helps... i dont want more surgeries please noooo!!!
OMG Comments By: Pig Sty on 2008-02-17
I gota horrible looking thingy on my bottom eye lid which my wife asures me is a sty. I've had this thing for almost two weeks now and i'm not really happy bout it. I'm gonna try the tea bag in a mo see if it helps
Been doing tea for years Comments By: Jeanne on 2008-02-25
I've been doing the "tea bag" on the sty since I was a child. Considering I'm prone to them and it's never let me down. The cold tea feels good but the hot tea drawn the infection to the surface. Just remember that the skin on your upper and lower lids are VERY sensitive and should be treated as such. I have one now that is being VERY stubborn but the tea is working. This is just the worst I've ever gotten
TEA BAG WORKS!!!! Comments By: Ami on 2008-03-10
LOL bt it really works !!!!!!!

7 Days With This Thing, I'm Trying the Tea Bags!! Comments By: Wayno4 on 2008-03-18
I took my wife on a Smokey Mountain vacation and on the way, I felt a sting on my eye lid. Next morning, I had a big fat nasty stye. Never had one before. I will try the tea and will let you know.
Just 2 Days!!! It is working great!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!! Comments By: Wayno4 on 2008-03-19
After just 2 days and 5 applications of using tea bags,the swelling is down and it is actually drying up!! I cannot believe this is working so fast. I had this mega stye for a total of 7 days. It was getting worse and worse. Once I started using tea bags, it immeadately started to get better!!! I am a believer!!! Try it for yourself!!!
YEAH Comments By: anon on 2008-04-06
pain has subsided. It feels much better.
I cant tell if the swelling has gone down but it feels better.

tea bag was just okay Comments By: mk on 2008-04-09
I had huge hopes for the tea bag, but with no avail....
It grew and grew, went to the doctor, and it still grew and grew... I tried the tea bags after it bursted and still it do anything, what a bummer.

Looks like we need to form a Club for Styes Comments By: mk on 2008-04-09
Hey, let's all form a Stye Club, let's make styes a style!
We'll all date each other and won't have to worry about it ever again!

Hope its doing something :P Comments By: Anon on 2008-04-11
I've had this sty for awhile now. I found out about the tea bags yesterday and i've been putting tea bags on my eye every 2/3 hours. Haven't really noticed a difference but I hope it will clear soon :)
Putting My 2 cents in Comments By: Colleen on 2008-04-13
Yes A Tea Bag does really work. The Tea bag should be wet that way the herbs can work together. Orange Pekoe seems to be the most effective. Id boil your water pour in to a small bowl or cup let the bag seep for a few minutes then remove and place in freezer until cool 2 minutes should be fine. May want to apply a few times per day on theinfected eye. I swear by this remedey
second remedy Comments By: raised holistically on 2008-04-13
Teabags are most useful, especially chamomile, which has healing properties.

If you still have trouble with any eye infection, including a sty, and you are very brave, there is a simple and immediate, but painful cure-all.
Boil a cup or so of water, at a small pinch of cayenne pepper. STRAIN thoroughly-very important-through several napkins and do an eye wash with this. This will cure any eye infection. I have done this twice in my life and it has an immediate effect. Once for an infection that had my eye swollen shut, and once for pink eye-which immediately went away.

Y3$ !T W0RK$ Comments By: katrina on 2008-04-17
i was a skeptic.
now i am a true believer
in 5 minutes it went 75% down.
im so happy.
mine was huge.
like half of my top eyelid.
it works.

It worked! Comments By: Skyy on 2008-04-19
Tried it just now on a sty I've had for a few days. I see it shrinking down already! :)
lets try. Comments By: blackeye on 2008-04-30
I am gonna try!hope it works...
ouchy!!! Comments By: Mina on 2008-05-01
I never got a stye before. It hurts and I have class tomorrow and I can't go looking like a monster. Im sitting here with a teabag on my eye and it feels nice. Im using green tea and cham bc it takes away dark circles. Beauty treament and end to pain YAY!
Going to try it.! Comments By: Anon on 2008-05-10
Its Soooo Painful :( i've tried a realli hot teabag does it matter if its hot or cold?
my 4 year old has one under the eye lid Comments By: sarah on 2008-05-14
will this help him he has cream but not working its just getting bigger
Tea bags V cabbage Comments By: carly on 2008-05-28
I've had a sty for nearly 3 weeks now and what total choas it is.I havent tryed the tea bag method but i sure will now. One thing if you steam cabbage and put it in a bowl of boilin hot water. get a spoon , place the cabbage on the spoon and put a towel over your head and the bowl. put the spoon wit the cabbage on near the eye and let the steam open the pores.works wonders, brings the swelling down. If u didnt know cabbage its a great detoxifer. Good luck everyone.
y3a tea :] it really works Comments By: v-ness on 2008-05-31
i woke up this moring for the 1st time with a stye on my eye...looked on the computer to c what i could do[1.tea bag 2.a hot wash cloth]i tried tha wash cloth but it wasn't working,so i tried the hot tea bag nd it start going down so fast-now my eyes almost isn't noticeable[GREAT]
Thanks so much!!! Comments By: Thanks!!! on 2008-06-03
Thanks you so much for this cure. I'm just about to have a cup of tea and i'm going to use the tea bag. Thanks so much!!!
sadness again Comments By: Angelita on 2008-06-07
My stye had drained and was on the way to healing,at the last moment..bamm..it popped up again.I noticed it was red so i started putting on hot compresses.It's small but it was huge 3 weeks ago. And I was so depressed about it. I'm going to try the tea,so it won't get any bigger and worse.Thanks for the advice.I have to go buy some tea bags.I go to work on Monday:-( I hope it works.
hot tea bag?????? Comments By: holy swolleeee on 2008-06-19
is it hot or cold (tea bag)
Camomile tea! Comments By: CW on 2008-06-27
Yes, use camomile tea (as someone suggested here before), it is the best disinfectant for the eyes. I also add a tiny drop of tea tree oil directly on the sty just before placing the hot (as hot as you can) tea bag on the eye.

It works best when you start the treatment right away - when you just feel the sty is starting.

tea on my stye!? Comments By: abigail on 2008-06-29
Hey....i have a sty i think and its under my eyelid...its very painful...im going to try the tea thing....it seems like it works so we will see now...

OMG IT WORKS Comments By: Taylor on 2008-07-01
Yesterday i tried putting a warm teabag on my sty, i did it about 3 times and it worked in less than 2 days! i also was able 2 enjoy cups of tea lol!
T-5 With a stye Comments By: Thomas # 5's mom on 2008-07-01
My 4 year old has had a stye for about 2 months, and we took him to a pediatric ophthalmologist (sp), and she would not do ANYTHING except HOT COMPRESSES 6-8 times a day. SHe said absolutely NO TEA BAGS, but my husband's grandmother, who raised 8 kids rold me to try it, and so far after 2 days, it has shrunken considerably. I think it works, but we will see if it goes away soon!
had it for 3 days ( i jus did research) Comments By: Ash... on 2008-07-02
with research i've found that the tea bags have tannic acid that kills the bacteria that is formed in ur eyes causin a stye. I've had mine for three days now and i'm jus not findin out this information. For two days i was stickin my head in warm salt water... it kinda made my stye harder ( i don't kno if that's a good thing or not), and now i have this red mark under my eyelid where the stye is as if it's brusied or sumthin. I don't exactly know how to get rid of that, but i've tried the tea bag method and it seems to be working a bit. My eyelid isn't as swollen as b4.
this better work!!!!!! Comments By: kayla on 2008-07-09
i'm gonna try
it right
now i really
hope it

nasty stye Comments By: latisha on 2008-07-12
i have never had this my eye was itching and the next day it was swollen i went to the emergency room the dr inseted some penicillin drops then he put 500 mili of bacitracin and gave me a prescription for augmentin but the teabag thingy is making it feel so much netter less swelling
Bloomin Genius Comments By: Hannah =] on 2008-07-13
Tea bags are actually legends if i must say.
felt the pain last nite and woke up to a nicely swolen eye with a big fat spot on it =[ . no fear however as the stye is not going away thanks to the tea bag. plan a few more apps before i go out tommorow :D thankyouuuuuu x

ahh! Comments By: Alexa on 2008-07-19
Okay, so like 6 days ago I got this horrible sty.
I think it popped, but the swelling is really bad and most of today it was almost swollen shut.
I would not have a huge problem and let it just take time to go away.. except for the fact that i go to camp in 2 days!! I need something that works - and fast.
After seeing all of these comments I figure I will try the teabag thing out.
My mom is at the store getting chammomile tea bags, and while she is gone, i think i will raid her jewelry box and try the gold band thing. Its worth a shot. I am so praying that this stupid thing goes away!! I cant look like a freak going to camp!!!! This better work, because I have tried practically everything. Tomorrow I may also try the potato thing, because my main problem is the fact that it is so swollen - there is not much pain now.
Wish me luck!
Tell ya if it works!

It really works!!:) Comments By: Anon on 2008-07-21
i have my sty for about 3 weeks and i been using the hot tea bags for 3 days and the white stuff is gone, it is really going way.
brilliant Comments By: alun on 2008-07-21
It worked perfect
What the?? Comments By: anthony garcia on 2008-07-24
Well, it's true, a tea bag does work, just pick out your favorite flavor and dab it in some warm water and let it sit on the infected spot for about 10 minutes at a time (a few times a day) and watch it work its wonder.

Problem Eye! Comments By: Happy Mark from Edinburgh on 2008-08-06
Im doing a scuba diving course this weekend and its crucial that both my eyes are working properly and i have just tried the tea bag method and it is now going away, thankyou so much for this advice!
How Long will this Tea Bag method take? Comments By: Anon on 2008-08-09
I jsut started my first round of tea bags & i notice a little difference in swelling. I used the same tea bags 3 times. How long will the tea bags take to work its magic??! When should i use them?? all at once or throughout the day?
this better works Comments By: kris on 2008-08-11
mine actually is a chalazion but im so mad about this because its nasty and ugly and im gonna try evrything just to get rid of this bitch...! but thanks toyall im about to try this hopefully it works....
sty must die Comments By: leeds on 2008-08-12
I have just tried the tea bag and was wounder how many times you have 2 use the tea bag on the sty??

Opee it works fingas crossed :D

Yikes!! Comments By: Manuel on 2008-08-13
I just did it for the first time after reading a few comments. I made the tea pretty hot and, without thinking, steeped the bag for about a minute. I held the bag on my eye until it cooled. I CHECK THE MIRROR AND I LOOK--I LOOK LIKE I GOT THESE FREAKIN BURNS ALL OVER MY KISSER!!
the tea bags work so well! Comments By: Kate on 2008-08-15
i just got an internal style yesterday and after reading this i put the tea bag to my eye. after about 3-4 times it totally went away the puffiness and the redness!
Overnight Treatment Comments By: Anon on 2008-08-17
ok, well i have been searching around for cures to my HUGE sty and one i found said to place a NONHERBAL tea bag on your eye, bandage it up so it stays in place and take it off in the morning... you can just say buh-bye mr. sty.
0MG...STY! I H0PE iT WRK! Comments By: Kamie on 2008-08-27
I woke up this mornin and my eye was so big. so i missed school. and i really would like to attend a football game friday w/o a swollen eye! so i hope this method works!!
doesnt work unless I am doing it wrong Comments By: Hope on 2008-09-03
everyone seems to be seeing instant results. I used a hot tea bag for like half an hour and kept reheating it and reapplying and NOTHING changed. i think it's worse PLZ help ive had this sty for a weeks but it just got bad a few days ago HELP!!!!!
its okay Comments By: tina on 2008-09-09
i ried the tea bag and after 5-6 min pus started dripping out but then it stoped and wouldnt work again
Not sure if it's working yet.. Comments By: JeRrYFaR on 2008-09-09
I'm just trying it right now as I've had mine for a couple of days ago and today it really hurts. I do notice a tiny bit of swelling going down, but it still hurts. I tried my first 10min application and I'm looking forward to the next one.
Ive had a stye for 11 weeks ples help Comments By: sam on 2008-09-23
you know the teabag remedy do u try iy cold or hot and will it work cos ive has the stye for like 11weeks plez do reply thnx
susie sty Comments By: susie on 2008-09-24
Hi i have just woken up with a sty, for the 1st time in years. i will have a cup of T and do the bag remedy and let y'all know wat gwan!!! 24th sept 2008!
Sty versus Chalizon Comments By: jabber on 2008-10-04
I seem to have a sty in middle of eyelid. the tea bag drainage worked. Though it seems to need to be drawn out again. Does anyone else experience multiple drainings? Also, has anyone ever had them professionaly lanced, and what was tht experience like?
thanks Comments By: Daisy on 2008-10-04
I felt the infection coming out thankyou so much!
fools gold Comments By: Matt Langley on 2008-10-08
Dont be led to believe that just rubbing gold on you eye sty is effected. Dont you know that the TEA bag is a much better and fantastic way of recyling as once it has been in your eye you can opo it back in the cup and make yourself another brew. Walla!!! JOB DONE
Helps Comments By: illy on 2008-10-11
It helps but it isn't gone yet... I have put the bag 3 times so far. I hope it'll go away soon!
i hope this works Comments By: joe l. on 2008-10-11
man i hope this tea bag thing works. cuz i had 3 with in 2 weeks now. i want to the dr. and they give me some stuff but its not working. it just made it 10x as bad. now i have to go get some tea to try it. peace out.
Good Comments By: Juliana on 2008-10-14
It really worked. I had the ice tea for 30min and it works!!!! RECOMMENDED...
It really works Comments By: joe .l on 2008-10-14
man it really works.
ring thing Comments By: brian gros on 2008-10-19
you are supposed to rub the ring to make it hot, and then apply to affected area! the heat is a for temporary relief
I hope this works! Comments By: frustrated mum on 2008-10-27
My son has had a sty jump from one eye to the other and would you believe back again!!!!!!!! We have applied cream from chemist but doesnt semm to work. My son has had one before but not one ,two, three ina row. Poor bugger. If teabags have worked for most people here then we are on it.
Feeling slightly better :) Comments By: Emma on 2008-11-02
Hmmm. I had my eye-lashes tinted yesterday and suddenly here I am at 6:24 the next morning, bothered by a horrible stye on my lower left lid - damn you vanity!

On my third teabag now (nothing better to do) and swelling has definitely reduced. Still a bit painful. I'll persevere and let you know how I get on.

P.S. This forum has been quite comforting in the wee small hours, thanks everyone :)

Worked like a charm! Comments By: Emma on 2008-11-03
Hi, I posted my comment yesterday morning, complaining about a brand new stye and here I am today with no evidence that I ever had a problem.

Teabags are a miracle. I bathed my eye in 4 of them before I went out for the day and before I'd even left the house the swelling/irritation had gone.

This website is a Godsend, thanks everyone.

works Comments By: Leeanne on 2008-11-06
WEll. im not sure if it was going anyway or if it worked, but i did the teabag thing this morning, and the pain i woke up with went. It coujld be a placebo, but it definalty went down a bit, Then it managed to burst while i was in an exam. Unlucky. I did it when i got back from school, it definaltley feels better. Even if the tea doesnt help the hot compress does. I cant believe it actually worked as well. Didnt think i would tbh.
Just Trying Comments By: Lee on 2008-11-07
got a tatleys on my eye while drinking a brew. hope it works!
thanks so much Comments By: nini on 2008-11-26
well today while at work {i work in a hotel} i decided to look on line because i have had a damn stye on my eye for two weeks now and it has become 2 instead of one!!!! and i've tried cream, and eye drops, and for a mintue it seem to work been then a couple days later, stye number two appeared and im sitting here like wtf!!!! and mind you its all on the same eye, but about thirty minutes ago i tried the tea bags thinking this shit aint gonna work, but LOW AND BEHOLD the oldest stye is gone now, and im working on the little stye now, all i've done is sat in front of the flat screen at work watching ATL with the same tea bag over my eye reheating it in hot water! im so freaking happy i really appreaciate this tip, nobody knows but God, i mean the old stye that was on my eye, had turned my eye black like someone had punched me in it, and everyone had been looking at me like damn shawty did ya man punch you in the eye, until they really looked at it......thank you
I Hope the tea bag is going to remove my chalazion Comments By: zara on 2008-12-08
i have a chalazion for about 8 months and i did one operaton in september but my chalazion is still there! I completly nervous and depress about this.I'm feeling always bad because all the people notice and ask me, "what's wrong in you eye". I have tried also, a lot of drop and antibiotic cream.I'm going to try tonight the tea bag and I hope i going to remove my big stone in my eyelid!!!
chalazion Comments By: S on 2008-12-10
Sty doesn't last for weeks & months. Those are chalazion. Chalazion can be HELL. I bought a facial steamer & now a whitehead has formed on my 9 month old Chalazion within days of using the steamer & looks like it's going to burst!! if it doesn't burst, off to the surgery. Try the facial steamer, daily!!!

A sty is simple stuff. Black tea bags will always work. If you're prone to them, remove make-up properly & toss it after you've gotten a sty or you will reinfect.

Teabags?? Comments By: maya on 2008-12-25
i have a sty in my upper lid of my eye and its been there for about three month now and i will try the teabags but i doubt it will go? i saw a doctor and he said i could have a surgery and remove it but i am so scared to the maximum. anyone could tell me what they could do if they were me, in my condition? thank you :)
WILL IT WORK 4 ME Comments By: DESTINY on 2009-01-27


stye comments appreciated Comments By: tracy - australia on 2009-01-16
hi..Just want to thank everyone who made a comment here...came across this site about an hour ago and since then have applied the tea bag approx four times...desperate i know. I can tell you now it is definitely working...unfortunately my white little pimple is just under the eyelid near the corner of my nose so i dont know how its going to burst.. but as for the swelling it has gone down dramatically..Mine started yesterday afternoon and i came across sites which said apply hot compressions with a face cloth or the like...this did work to but the teabag is way more effective. Good luck to all
What do I use? Comments By: Brea on 2009-01-18
What type of tea bag do I use? and do I put the tea bag directly on my eye or do I wrap it in anything? I'm gonna try an herbal lemon tea bag and a constant comment directly on my eye one after the other. It's a huge 4 day weekend off from school and I am going to hang out with a bunch of people in like 4 hours so I'm hoping this works as quickly as people say!!!
a stye Comments By: sarah on 2009-01-02
the tea bag trick works far beyond my expectations...i had been using the wash cloth method for a few days, which helped alot...but the tea bag way sure did take down the swelling and pain not to mention drew up the infection more...so now its hardly there just a lil white tip and its slowly withering down to nothing...thank u so very much for posting the tea bag trick works wonders and smells wonderful to..im using chamimile and spearmint tea.
PLEASE! Comments By: Kathy on 2009-01-05
OKAY i want to go to school tomorrow so i have a couple questions PLEASEEE get back to me REALLY FAST. #1. Do I go to bed with it on? #2. What kind of tea? ANY? #3. Do i put it on hot or put it on cold? PLEASE HURRY
Freakin A! Ughhh. Comments By: ashley on 2009-01-10
I got a freakin stye. It's two days before I go back to school after my winter break. I'm PISSED that I got one. I haven't even been sleeping with make up on. Ughhh. It Sucks. I'm using the TEA BAG METHOD right now and it has brought down the swelling a great deal. I Hope it goes away soon! I'll be back on and say how it goes, ish me luck! :]
helps blepharitis too!! Comments By: ilovetea on 2009-01-16
i suffer from blepharitis so heard about using teabags for styes 9swelling) so had a go and it works a treat, the sweling goes pretty much straight away and so does the itchiness. Not only that rub the teabag around your face and gives a tanned look!! fantastic
Teabag theory? Comments By: Becki big eye on 2009-02-08
I have had a very swollen eye for a couple of days.....a stye has appeared in the corner....BUM....I get them every few months. I am just having a cuppa so i will try the teabag theory......watch this space
i hope this works Comments By: anonymous on 2009-02-26
i got a stye in my eye like 3 days ago and its like on my eyelid but on the lower part. I want to get rid of it because it hurts real bad. And my vision is mest up. LOL it feels like im crosseyed. Im gonna try the teabag i hope it works.
styes suck! Comments By: megan on 2009-03-03
i have had a sty for about 3 days now i have tried the hot compress but i think im going to use the tea bag method because its a pretty painful swollen sty and all these comments have convinced me. thanks alot all!!! (for those people wondering whether to use hot or cold tea bags, im pretty sure it has to be warm because then it draws the sty out! thanks people hope it works! :)
proffesional advice Comments By: john sharp on 2009-03-05
got this advice from a consultant eye doctor. put a hot wet cloth (or teabag) on your stye for 3-4 mins and then a cold wet cloth (or teabag) for 3-4 mins. repeat 2-3 times a day. the heat softens the stye and opens the pores. the cold draws the stye out. it works for me.
it worked for my friend Comments By: ash on 2009-03-09
ok so i get stys all the time and never tried this and i am hoping it will work for me... but one time my friend tried it and it worked so hopefully it will work for me because i need to get rid of this sty by tomorrow..
Styes and diabetes Comments By: Jackie on 2009-03-21
Recurring styes can be a sign of diabetes..check with your Dr he may want to test your urine for sugar!!
Selson Blue Comments By: Chloe on 2009-03-18
I have had a sty for nearly a month now. Went to doctors and they charged me $100 for cream which doesn't work either. My girlfriend at work told me to try washing my face in selson blue. Haven't tried it but will try the tea tonight.
black tea (like breakfast blend or earl grey) Comments By: Anon on 2009-03-19
it should be black tea. And I just went to the eye doctor (for the 3rd time) and a sty can be stubborn and last over a month. They want to lance mine, but I'm trying the tea bags first
erm Comments By: skylar on 2009-03-25
Im sitting here with a teabag stuck to my face , n nothings happening
I'm going to try it Comments By: anon on 2009-04-03
I've had my stye for about 1 year + no, no joke, but now it's puffed up and really hurts.
I can't afford expensive products and tea bag sound great.

how can you the tea bag thing children Comments By: scott on 2009-04-05
im just wondering how old the child has to be when using the tea bag trick or should a doc have alook first
gonna try;D Comments By: elizabeth on 2009-04-05
i have had a sty for 6 months from the first day from april o.o im scared im a fraidy cat cause i just HATE needles so i dont want a doctor to drain it rofl.
im sooo trying this cause everyones saying it works ill try anything to get this ugly curse away. dont you hate it? it makes you look unattractive LOL.

OMG, really?? Comments By: Haley on 2009-04-07
I had a small and hard little sty on my eye. Was very skeptical to say the least when I saw that a mere tea bag can get rid of it. It was gone within an hour! And that was with me applying the tea bag for a minute or two while I was running around at work
amazingg Comments By: bess on 2009-04-10
this is my first ever stye, and i got really worried about it because it was really big and painful. i tried tea on it this morning for about 5-10 minutes and i can already feel the pain and swelling have gone down
thank you so much!!!!

??? Comments By: Morgan on 2009-04-10
Well my sty wasnt that big then i used the teabag thing an it basically stayed the same... But alot of the redness around the sty went away!
p.s. Just wanted to say one time my dad had a sty and it was on the inside of his eye and you'r supposed to go to a doctor when you have one on the inner part of you eyelid, well he didn't know it was a sty and was messing with it and it was BIG and it popped in his eye and there was a bunch of puss in his eye! He said it was GROSS!!

Green tea bags!!! Comments By: Annoyed stye owner on 2009-04-13
the tea bag works especially the Green tea bags . i put the green tea bag on my eye for about 5 minutes keep dipping in the warm tea watter and reapeted several times its amazing :)

I dont use anything else.. Comments By: fabi on 2009-04-15
It so does work! every thing i use on my daughter is from the old wives tales but there not they work better then most man made jumbo..
Thanks listen to your elders they no..

My first time, but the remedy was useful. Comments By: Britney Carter on 2009-04-16
I have never had a sty before, but since recently receiving one I was told to only use hot water. The tea bag was weird and it stung my eye for a few minutes but it did do the job.
same problem Comments By: gill Contreras on 2009-04-24
havent tried going to soon as i get out of work,i have had my stye or what ever it is since december,went to a specialist twice,they have given drops and pills,took drops no pills for me though,going to try the tea method,what kind of tea am i supposed to get,if this works,i will send who ever started this website a bottle of PARDON TEQILLA.

TipKing says: Just regular tea is fine.

Blahhh! Comments By: Kristen on 2009-04-30
Im sitting here with a hot tea bag on my face. I can't stand this! I had it for a little more than a week! It's big and it hurts badly. It keeps moving down toward my eyelid. I hate going to school with this. I want it to go away! I hope this works.
trying it Comments By: Cheryy on 2009-05-01
just got my first stye and got a party this weekend. really dont want it there cos im getting with this guy ;)
gunna see how it goes, thanks!

should I Comments By: buzz on 2009-05-04
Have had it for weeks now and willing to try anything,tea bags before baby pee lol i will update
OUCH Comments By: Rosa on 2009-05-10
Have had a stye for the last few days!!! EXTREMELY itchy and uncomfortable!! about to try the tea bag method!! Fingers crossed it works!!
im trying it! Comments By: MICHAELA on 2009-06-08
k ; i have a teabag on my eye right now . and after reading most of these comment things , im preee convinced that it will most likely work, sooo yahh . ;D
hope it works.. Comments By: Daniel on 2009-06-11
laying in bed right now with tea bag on my eye. Please work. Will update later with results.


i wnt to try it :) Comments By: meiann on 2009-06-14
i think is is interesting because i have a problem on my sty. i have a difficulty with it. i cannot face any person because im shy :) i think this one will work .
it works ! Comments By: sam on 2009-06-14
i just tryed it it 100% work there is nuthing there it has completly gone i am amazed !! try it ...
its work on internal styes Comments By: cassie on 2009-06-18
i got a sty on sunday n tried everythin to get rid of it. as read many articles they said that an internal sty rarely heal on its own. yesterday i tried the tea bag n this mornig i dont have a sty n my eye. IT WORKS !!!!!!!
Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=:) Comments By: Secret on 2009-06-21
It work really great before it look somebody punch me but now my eye looks normal!!!
Tea bag Comments By: Kim Nguyen on 2009-06-24
i just went to my eye specialist today, i sty eye gets bigger everyday. And then he gave me an injection to make the sty get smaller and he said that i have to put hot compress. Do you think I should put tea bag on my eye instead of just hot water? My sty eye is appeared inner eyelid.
Tea bag Comments By: Kim Nguyen on 2009-06-24
i just went to my eye specialist today, i sty eye gets bigger everyday. And then he gave me an injection to make the sty get smaller and he said that i have to put hot compress. Do you think I should put tea bag on my eye instead of just hot water? My sty eye is appeared inner eyelid.
stye Comments By: DJones on 2009-06-25
am doing this as we speak, really really fed up with my stupid stye. it says online they only last 4 days at the most, ive had mine nearly two weeks now :(
the other thing i was told was a rub a gold ring on it, though havin some old persons manky wedding ring on my eye didnt appeal

my eye really hurts Comments By: carlie on 2009-06-28
Well ok i was at work and my eye started to really hurt i have a stye on the lower left side of my eye, my friend told me to use the hot tea bag and to keep reheating it, i am doing it as we speak.. this is like my 6 application, it is really big, when i look to the right i can see it at the bottom of my eyelid.. let you know if it works...
Ima try it :) Comments By: Mollie on 2009-07-02
i got a small lump under my eye and wonderd what it was and mum suggested it was a sty and that it would heal itself but doing a little research of my own brung me to this and i think im gunna try it :)
i have a stye Comments By: TOM TOM on 2009-07-08
i have a stye and i am about to try the teabag solution!
my sty Comments By: Laura Snook on 2009-07-08
My brother woke up this morning and noticed he had a sty at the bottom lid of his eye.I read up to use a tea bag and his sty is going down already. thank you everyone for you help.
WHY STY????? Comments By: Sarah on 2009-07-11
iv had this sty 4 around 4 days now, think im ready to have go of the tea bag trick!!! my mother in-law swears by, but i didnt take her seroiusly, wish i had!!!! xxx lol
styes and eye make-up Comments By: bigbirdlittle on 2009-07-12
I've had two styes recently and i have kind of worked out what may have caused them...Old Mascara and eyeliner!
Apparently if your make-up is older than 6mths you should throw it out because bacteria will build up in/on it. Also any liquid based makeup e.g mascara and lipstick should be kept in the fridge and cold temperatures reduce the speed that the bacteria multiply.

Make-up brushes/applicators should be washed regularly as well.

wow already!! Comments By: Shayester on 2009-07-12
i just noticed a little bump like you would see anywhere on your skin and i started to freak out because i have a trip to LA in 2 days and i put the tea bag on my ey for 10 minutes and its like gone !!
ANGRY Comments By: Daisy on 2009-07-15
This tip is not so good im afraid!
I tried it and my mama went bliss cus she a doctor of eyes and says it will just block it all up and make it worse.TAKE MY ADVICE!!!

??? Comments By: lisa on 2009-07-20
ive put more than two tea bags on my eye but everytime i sleep then wake up it just gets puffy again,how long do i have to leave the tea bag on for?
it works Comments By: sumo on 2009-07-20
Its unbeliveable but it works a treat my eye was very sore and swollen had tried rubbing gold on to the Stye but didnt help then i googled and came up with this site so on my break at work i have it ago as was at the final straw and its worked i cant beleive it as it has saved me a trip to the chemist in the morning unbelievable thank you thank you
Sty is now gone Comments By: Rebecca on 2009-08-04
At first i was a bit sceptical as to whether this actually would work but i was so desperate to get rid of i would try anything.

I wasn't sure as to whether it was a sty or Chalazion but i gave it a try anyway. I had, had the sty for 4 days in which time i was applying cream and there had been no change. So i started applying warm tea bags to the eye around 3 times a day for about 5 mins. Within 3 days i saw a slight change but within a week its completely gone.

I can't say whether this was due to the tea bags because during this time i was applying cream and massaging the area.

I can only suggest that you give it a go as you never know, it might work.

i have this stye for 1 week Comments By: stye is a problem on 2009-07-26
hey guys..what should i do..i have this stye for 1 week..i tried hot compress but it tends to become bigger..do you think this thing will help..should it be hot?
Green Tea Comments By: christine lala on 2009-08-05
Does it work with green tea? that is all we drink
Teabags still good enough to use again Comments By: Mr Tea Bag on 2009-08-10
After you have used your teabags to fix the stye problem, simply place them in a warm place and they can be used to make tea again.
My friends and neighbours can't seem to tell the differnece (though I havn't told them what I did with them) :)

Green/Chamomile Tea NO TEA TREE OIL Comments By: Herb dude on 2009-08-13
Someone mentioned a drop of tea tree oil. That is a very bad idea.
IT WORKS! Comments By: latousha on 2009-08-17
I've had a stye for about 2days now,not long,but long enough when you have a stye!! i tryed to tea bag trick last night and it has gone down dramatically. it works, and i recommened it to anyone with a stye!!
Has helped but not completely cured Comments By: leah on 2009-08-30
the tea bag trick is definetly helping but it still has not came down all the way. I am still doing the treatment right now and i really hope it works! especially because i have picture day tomorrow.
it doesnt work Comments By: marvy on 2009-09-04
somebody has been lying. i put the tea bag on 5 minutes ago for about 2 minutes. no change. still got the stye.
Works 100% Comments By: Jack on 2009-09-04
I put it on my eye at 11:15 and took it off at 11:40 the size had decreased so much i could barely feel it the following day it was gone!
Good Comments By: Ley on 2009-09-05
Its really good.. Also, try a a gold ring (REAL!)
Tea Bags Realive Pain Comments By: Victoria April Powell on 2009-09-10
Good teas to use are Black tea and Chamomile. I just realized i had a stye, my eye had been hurting for awhile.(like 4 days) An d i did a lot of research the best thing to do is to keep it clean, and do hot compressions, no makeup and so on. im going to keep using tea as my hot compression because the extracts from it also help my eye.
how long?? Comments By: kate on 2009-09-18
how long to i keep the tea bag on my eye??
and how long will it take afterwards will it heal?? xx

it is approved Comments By: sean cook on 2009-09-21
as a person of medical intrest i have to say it works 95% of the time
Sty madness Comments By: alex on 2009-09-26
I just got a sty last night and i started to treat it right away with this medication.
Im not sure if the tea bag really works but i will try it. I also suggest you try this Mexican medication called terramicina it really reduces the sty!

first time using tea bags!!! Comments By: mel on 2009-09-29
have to say i was thinking "TEABAGS"!! Not sure, but it was very soothing istantly, very helpful thank you teabags......
sty please die Comments By: sty girl on 2009-09-30
i have sty thats come up in the past few day it really needs to go so i hope this tea bag trick works i got the flu to so i need it to go coz i feel like im falling apart
stye must die now ! Comments By: jamie ! on 2009-10-04
well , i woke up on monday with my eye sowllen , dad gave me a cream . so i thaught it was just sowllen ? TUES. i found out i had a stye . wen tot the doctors , warm compress . didnt work . read all these comment , i tried on saturday night , went down dramtically ; but still noticable ! UGH ! i only went to school once the whole week ! and i hope this is gone by tomorrow . :(

by the way , you boil or use warm water , let the tea bag steep for two mins. put it over your eye .

its WAY better then warm compresses . or anything else that stupid doctors give you ! >:p


Gonna give it a shott! Comments By: Nay-nay on 2009-10-10
I just got a sty this morning and I found this website! I am going to try this tea bag thing in a little while. Hopefully the swelling will go down, because right now the sty eye is soo painfull. Hope it works. Thanks for the idea. =]
had a cut from a fight and think i got a sty Comments By: tyler on 2009-10-25
um, about a year back i got into a fight now looked how to remove a sty and c pics and they look like what i got, kid a had a ride and cut my eyelid, please let me know what you think,
The Girl At School Comments By: Gloria on 2009-10-27
I'm at school on my way home hope it works
Does it work really..... Comments By: Abdi on 2009-11-04
I had this sty for abt 3 days... maybe i will try it when i get home tonight.

BIG HUGE THING Comments By: WANYA on 2009-11-14
Tea Bag Really Worked! Comments By: Nicole on 2009-11-17
I'm not the type of person that look for home remedies, but I've had styes since I was a kid. Now it's gotten to the point where the swelling is very irratating! I used a Lipton tea bag, soaked it in hot water and put it over my eye until it got cold. I wet it again with hot water immediately. After doing this, most of the pain went away. I'm pretty sure if I do this one more time before I go to bed, it will be gone by the time I go to work tomorrow. Never imagined that a tea bag would do the trick!
healing well Comments By: violet on 2009-11-18
i got my first stye on sunday night and it grew bigger and bigger each hour. so i used a warm towel and soaked it with salt. then i used the tea bag, then when it came to a head in just 2 days, i lightly pushed on it and it burst. i feel a lot better and the swelling is slowly but surely going down.
Stye Eye Comments By: Gill Dearsley on 2009-12-05
I have read with interest, the teabag idea to treat my Stye! It started coming a couple of days ago and now has a lump, like small ball bearing on the inner lower lid of one of my eyes! I woke up with puffiness underneath my eye, spreading onto my cheek! Well, I've just had a cup of tea and am going to try out the teabag now! Will let you know my result!!
okay.. Comments By: Anon on 2009-12-06
i got my sty early morning on saturday and it was small. By sunday morning it got BIG. i did the hot and cold compress on my eye but didnt do anything so i tried tea bags. i used up 3 bags for the past hour and the swelling srink but its still very painful. but the white sty is still there! when will it disapear and i have school tommorrow!!
i hate styes!!!! Comments By: anon on 2009-12-09
I started muay thai boxing yesterday and had to use the gloves at the club,after rubbing my hair out of my eyes all night i got that evil familiar tingling...needless to say i ended up with this massive stye that made me look like id been punched in the face XD v.painfull too,teabag really helping,takes away the pain and swelling gone down,
In response to the person who's mom is eye doctor and says tea bag is bad idea. Comments By: Cheriamee on 2009-12-09
After numerous doctor visits and mucho $$. Your mother (Doctor) is wrong. The tea bag works fast and cost me less than a dollar. The medicines the doctor prescribed and the hot compresses made it worse. Not to mention put me in debt! Go Figure!!!!!
Its all about Chamomile Comments By: Tony on 2010-08-05
I got a stye on tuesday morning, tried a couple different types of tea bags during the day. minimal relief. Then I read someone's comment about chamomile. I put it on the stye, and in seconds, thats right, seconds, the bump opened and cleared up. Most the swelling went away along with the soreness. That was on Wednesday. Today is Thursday, and its totally cleared up. Man I can't believe how great it worked. I used Bigelow Cozy Chamomile.
uhhh!!!!!!! Comments By: kim on 2009-12-13
my dad says that it doesnt work, i do not believe him, i have a stye lik every year. i have 1 now, and it is only 2 days old. im gonna keep usin tea bags and see if it works!!!!!!!!!!!
Rubbing Gold??? Comments By: Becky on 2009-12-20
I was told by my optician that placing a hot face pad on the eye will ruduce the infection and a cold one will reduce the swelling..........it works!! also the rubbing a wedding ring on the eye is only a myth, it evolved from the original antibiotic that was used to treat a stye was a gold colour, the old wives thought they'd save their hard earned money and just use a ring!!
Eye stye and the tea bag! Comments By: Gill Dearsley on 2009-12-20
Well, I tried the thing with the tea bag....um....to no avail! After a week and after it turned into a black eye, I decided to go to the doctor. Guess what? It wasn't a stye at all...it was a meibomian cyst!! I was given antibiotic cream and so far so good!! Thanks for the tip about the stye though, let's hope I don't need it, eh!!??
Blurry vision,the after affects Comments By: MyWildestDesires on 2009-12-23
i had a stye for 3 days and i have a holiday trip tonight,and needed to get rid of the puffyness asap.i used the teabag method.it worked,but not all the swelling has gone down. After using the teabag for 30mins or so,i took the teabag off my eye.My eye became blurry.Now i have this burry vision in my one eye.
WOOPPP! I CAN PLAY DOTA NOW ! :D Comments By: brad on 2009-12-23
woke up shocked because i could barely see my computer screen , i couldn't go out with friends , so i was pretty wounded...
thought i had nothink else to lose tryed this and ZOMG! its like magic 5mins and its reduced 50% in size! im like shocked right now :P trust me its worth the try :D now i can atleast play some games , but i think ill pass on leaving the house right now hehe :P few more treatments and should be fine fingers crossed :D

The teabag method really works!!! Comments By: YourCookieBaker on 2009-12-24
The method worked perfectly,just apply it at least 2 or 3 times a day and it would be back to normal .

I recommend this method to everyone who has a stye!
It really works! :)

Tea bags work perfectly :] Comments By: Anon on 2009-12-29
I got my stye for 2 days and I used tea bags because everyone says it works and so I used it and the next days it was gone.
I didn't have the stye anymore.

YAY! It works! Comments By: Tammy.SA on 2009-12-30
I used a rooibos teabag, let it seep for a few minutes then wrapped it in a warm, moist face cloth, i started doing that at 9am, did it about 3 times for half an hourish and by 12:30pm you could barely tell i even had a stye! i did also use a dab of baby shampoo ( i saw that in another tip) so i dont know if it was a combonation of the two :-)
spend $100s Comments By: mimi on 2010-01-02
i spent about $350 on thing that dont help me on my stye plus the walgreens lady gave me alergy medications wtf
and i dont know if this tea bag thing works so


sty cure Comments By: anon on 2010-01-21
i felt a sty coming threw on my eye one monday morning. i then put a warm tea bag on it and left it during my morning break, lunch time and then in the evening for aslong posibble. by thursday it was all but gone. tea bag does seem to sowrk
It worked! Comments By: Victor on 2010-01-24
I was looking at this thread on friday .. I tried the tea bag like 3 times on friday in the morning plus a antibiotic ointment and the hot compress and by the evening ( I took the pimple away ) it was already gone.
I'm about to try it Comments By: Leelee on 2010-02-04
I have 2 fresh styes one on each eye. I got prescribed with some ointment that I've been using but it doesn't seem to be working... I'll let you know.
My friends Teabag experience Comments By: Richard on 2010-02-07
My friend hannah is currently undertaking the teabag experience that is so widely recommended.
The stye hannah has is well and truly under the eyelid and has appeared out of nowhere!! I hope this works for her, I hate to see her pain, she's a really great girl. I'll keep you updated on how it goes. How long must she keep the teabag on for???

Painful swelling Comments By: Anon on 2010-02-25
I suffer from sties occasionally and today one began to form on my lower eye lid. It was at the begining stage of being very painful and starting to swell but no head yet. I just tried the tea bag and instantly the pain was gone and swelling reduced to almost nothing. Good tip, well worth a try.
Trying it now!! hopefully it will work!! :) Comments By: Will C on 2010-03-10
As i woke up this morning, my left eyelid was swollen, and i had a massive sty in my eye. I didn't even go to school today because of that...i couldn't even open my eyes.
Will post another review soon, after i try the teabag method. Hopefully it'll work!!

Comments By: Annon on 2010-03-12
Is it a hot or cold tea bag you use

Tipking says: Cold, definitely cold

Im Scared.... Comments By: Anon on 2010-03-18
I just got a Sty yesterday and stayed home from school because of that and again today im staying home.... I hope this thing wont last for more than 2 days because i dont want to miss anymore school! I tried the tea bag idea and it sorta worked, i had it on like for 20 minutes, but the swelling only went down a little... Ahhh, i dont want this to last forever on my eye!!!!!
Tannins! Comments By: anon on 2010-03-27
A friend of mine told me it was the tannins in black tea that make the swelling go down ... I've put a warm tea bag on my eye twice today, and the pain has really gone away. Only down side is I find it a bit itchy while the tea-bad is on my eyelid, or for the few minutes after I take it off. Still: it's working for the swelling and pain, so it's a good start! Stupid Stye.
I HATE THEM Comments By: Amber on 2010-04-06
I have had 2 sty's in the same eye for EVER
hope Comments By: no name on 2010-04-08
my girlfriend has a stye on her eye she went to the eye doctor paid 100 dollars for some shit that didnt work now she sittin here with a tea bag on her eye lookin sad i hope it works :)
stys Comments By: gail on 2010-04-13
first ime ive ever had a stye are just trying the teabag idea hope it works had to prize my eye open this morning its so annoying anymore tips will be helpful
YES IT WORKS!!! Comments By: Alexa on 2010-05-09
I Had a stye in my eyelid yesterday and put a teabag on my eyelid then the swollen got alot better!!! And in a few hours the stye and the swollen had gone!!!!!!!! Only a lil bit swollen left!

about to try it Comments By: anon on 2010-05-17
I hope this works i give u the rest later i had this stye for a month now
one tea bag Comments By: vince on 2010-05-23
ive tryed one tea bag and my eye is so much better gunna do it again later and before i go to bed.looks as if it works!
No it doesnt! Comments By: nicole on 2010-05-23
i have tried this SEVERAL times, with no success. Boo to tea bags. Boo to styes!
Sty Comments By: M-b-87 on 2010-05-27
What a bummer I got a sty and I dont drink tea :( owell I will just have to go to the doctors then lol
should i put the tea bag on the outside of my eye or on the inside where the actual sty is Comments By: connie on 2010-05-30
Ive had a sty for 4 days and have been using the tea bag today but Im not sure if I should be putting it inside the eyelid directly on the sty or if i just need to put it on the outside of my lid.
Painfull sty Comments By: Nigel on 2010-06-13
I dont usually believe in all this home remedy mumbo jumbo,Ive been putting anti biotics on my eye for two days and nothing changed accept it got worse. This morning I put a warm t bag as suggested on it and to my absolute avablemazement the swelling and more imprtantly the pain has eased up and it seems Im on the road to recovery.
Do you wet the tea bag? Comments By: anon on 2010-06-27
What do you do? is the tea bag supposed 2 be wet?
ehhh sty Comments By: riana on 2010-07-01
i hope this tea bag thing works , i am going to use green tea bags, i really hope it work , i need to go away now!!!
It Does Work Comments By: Lorna, UK on 2010-07-02
I have started to get a stye that is extremely swollen and painful and i put a teabag on it and the pain stopped and it reduced the swelling a little :) GREAT TIP
ALL I GOT TO SAY IS OUCH!!!!!!!! Comments By: ANON on 2010-07-06
pig sty Comments By: ryley on 2010-07-06
i hate these things. i hope the tea bags work
the teabag Comments By: cleo on 2010-07-17
today i used a teabagfor around 10 minutres for 4 times in a day, and i still have my sty. i've had it nearly 2 day snow and its really begining to annoy me. any other treatments to get it away you can tell me, i want it gone before i go back to school on monday!
hope it works! Comments By: Jen on 2010-08-09
Okay, so i could barely sleep last night at all. And i wake up this morning with my eye slightly painful and irritating me, and after checking it out, i've found a little pimple like sore/spot on the edge of my upper lid near the (nose) corner.
I've had a sty before and it killed and took ages to get rid of. And google imaging 'beginning of a sty' i think what i've got is probably a sty too. Am majorly miffed, i've literally just got rid of a cyst thing and then 2 days later i have a sty... on the same eye.

I haven't tried anything on it yet, but i'm hoping to god this teabag trick works for me like it has everyone else. And you get a cup of tea too.. added bonus LOL... am so glad its the school holidays.... PLEASE WORK!

stye eye Comments By: Miguel B. on 2010-08-17
I haven't tried the tea remedy. Is there any specific kind i need to buy in order for this to work?
Amazing! Comments By: Gisele and Travis on 2010-08-25
My son had the beginning of a sty with swelling under his eye which he said hurt when he blinked. He placed a warm teabag on his eye for about 10 minutes and the swelling and pain went immediately.....thank you so much for the advice.
Teabags the best for all eye irritants Comments By: Anon on 2010-09-05
Plain flavoured tea bags are the best, but it is also good to fill up a small cup of hot water with the teabag and after it has cooled down a bit, rinse out your eye with the tea (using an eye wash dish or something small enough). Then further wipe your eye with the teabag (not too hot to burn though either). Do this repeatedly until the sty goes down!!

I have been doing this since I was about 14 (as noted above its about prevention too, re: makeup etc) and it totally works! Its also good for other allergies too such as hayfever, and other eye irritants :-)

Didn't believe this Comments By: NorthernFB on 2010-09-06
It actually works !!

Opened up in less than 5 minutes , and completely gone by the morning

eye in the stye Comments By: Mel Williams on 2010-09-14
well i have always used tea bags both cold and hot, can't decide which is the best but i must say it does work.
green tea bags Comments By: mr lee on 2010-09-24
dunno if its helped much..been holding a green tea bag on my eye a few times a day for 10mins for the last 2 days. The style is still there and is very painful

ill keep trying a few more days tho..maybe switch to tetley tea :)

Which kind? Comments By: Double Sty on 2010-09-30
Does it matter which kind of tea bag? Green? Black? Caffeinated? Hot? Cold? Specifics please! Thanks!
IT WORKS! Comments By: Kate on 2010-10-05
my friend used this method on the outside of her eye but recently i have developed one in the inside, would this method still work for me ? Thanks if anyone answers :)
Help! Comments By: vic_star83 on 2010-10-21
i have a sty forming on my lower eye lid, i have a yellow dot on the inside of my lower eyelid too, i have a hen do to go on on sat! does the teabag rally work? i need a quick fix!
Trying it now. Comments By: Serojay on 2010-10-20
I've been trying the tea bag method all day since this is my first stye and it's annoying me so much.
So far, so good. The swelling has gone away and the pain is less than what it was.
Best of all, I have an excuse to drink loads of tea :D

right eye stye.. Comments By: Sylvester STYElone on 2010-10-20
i used boiled young guava leaves to kill the itch. then used Lipton� Teabags., dump it on boiling water. apply on stye every 5 minutes.. did it for 10 minutes, every 6 hours.. i think it took about 2 days to cure.
what type of tea? Comments By: chokoko on 2010-10-22
what type of tea?is it ok if vanilla robust?? And what ingredients in the tea to cure the stye?
tea bag Comments By: alan on 2010-10-30
i hve had sty bout 5 days now nd its really annoying me nd duno use what kind of tea bag nd hot or cold ? thank you for help
It works! Comments By: �toile on 2010-11-04
I got my first sty 3 days before going on a trip to Paris!!!

I did a bit of research on the Internet and read that moisten tea bag and hot compress helps. So I tried them and they worked!

I soaked a towel with hot water and put it on my eye, every time the towel cooled down I soaked it with hot water. I did that for about 10 minutes, after 15 minutes I made a cup of tea using a tea bag and put the tea bag on my eye, as soon as I felt it going dry I pored more tea on it to keep it moist. I kept the tea bag on my eye for about an hour.

I did this routine over and over again for about 4 hours a day.

And at the end of the third day... GONE!

I'm going on my trip tomorrow with healthy eyes!

Hope this helps :)

Im hopeful Comments By: nettae on 2010-11-16
I never comment on things but yesterday I felt my eye hurting and didnt think twice about it I just rubbed it. This morning I woke up to a swolen eye. This is my first stye so I went and purchased the stye ointment NO RELIEF. I have been trying the tea bags and atleast I get some relief thanks hopefully we can knock this off because my birthday is next week. PRAY FOR ME!!!!
hopefully this works!! Comments By: Naija on 2010-12-11
hopefully this tea bag idea works because i have school and parties and finals and i do not want 2 miss out. I told my mom to go out and buy some tea bags. Thank you for the idea:)
hoping for the best Comments By: Anon on 2010-12-20
Um, i used one teabag today.. for about 10 mins. No huge change, but i felt a tiny bit relieved.. it felt cooler, less pain, and maybe a slight bit smaller? thats how it felt, it looked the sam though. Since this is highly recommended, i will keep trying. it just seems a bit sily laying around with a teabag on your eye:)
best thing ever Comments By: fraser on 2010-12-29
just put one on for about 5 mins and the pain has gone.Going to be doing this till the swelling goes down.But it work so try it if you already havent.
Im Doinit riight now Comments By: Kaila on 2011-01-01
soo i was readiing this and thought why not, ive had this stye for about a day and it hurts sooo bad. ive beeen holdiing the wet teabagg on my eye for about 20 minutes and now the pain is almost gone its feels like jus a bruise now(: thankyouu(:
tryin as we speak Comments By: george on 2011-01-04
well its been 7min in2 puting a teabag on eye so my buzz was da waking up thing notice below my eye was a little sore. When i touchd it, so when i looked at it in da mirror 2ma suprise it was red early stages starting 2swell .......til den
NEVER use chamomile on eyes!!! Comments By: MelD on 2011-01-11
Apparently there are tiny hairs in chamomile that aggravate the eye and can lead to blindness - funnily enough I didn't know this, either, and can only find (many!) warnings in German but none in English. A German-speaking doctor friend told me and I didn't believe it till I researched it...
Chamomile should therefore NEVER be used in the eye area, no matter what your grandmother says. Use salt solution or eyebright (euphrasia) instead!!

awsome Comments By: TURah on 2011-01-17
wen i asked my brother why my eye was swollen he tld me it was a sty and that i shud use a teabag. so i googled it and this website came up. i used the teabag about 5 different tyms and it took justa day for the sty to clear up. that was super fast!! THANK UUU
tea bag sty Comments By: georgie gurl on 2011-01-19
Yep da tea bag (home remedie)works sooths the swelling takes a 4-6days b4 disappearing cheers
WELL WORTH A TRY Comments By: Lovendish on 2011-01-23
I have this horrible internal red stye for over a week now and i was planning to arrange to see an eye doctor but after reading many positive feedbacks on how effective the use of teabag is, i'm sure will give it a try because warm water compressions just reduced the size but i want it gone.I pray it works because i cannot imagine myself having a needle in my eye. Any suggestion is better than none so THANK YOU ALL WHO HAVE TAKEN TIME TO SHARE YOUR POSITIVE EXPERIENCES.I could not help laugh at some of your funny comments
Thnkk yuu Comments By: Emeliana on 2011-01-23
This really works its ALMOST worst than labor but thank god 4 the person who made tea!!
tea miricle Comments By: anon on 2011-02-08
My godness, I've had a stye for 2 days now and yesterday believe it or not i didn't have a clue what was wrong with my eye. i tried drops, oinments the lot but i sat with a teabag on my eye until it went cold, i'm a little bit of the freak when it comes to germs! It went down so much and the pain litterally vanished. Brilliant! but is it limited to a certain amount a day?, i was this gone asap! thanks for this little home remidy!
ummm quick question...... Comments By: shelby on 2011-02-09
the sty i have is actually right in the inside corner of my eye its not actually under my eyelid so is there a certain way i should position the tea bag on my eye...plz help
The Girl with The Teabags Comments By: Fellow Sty Victim on 2011-03-06
Discovered sty late last night, did tea bag a few minutes ago and kept reapplying when it got colder - it did seem better, but now it's gone back to how it was before. Would really like it gone before school tomrrow!! I think styes can be connected to tiredness and stress - I've been going to bed really late recently and have noticed a sty always appears when I am tired and stressed!!
Good luck fellow sty peeps :D
i'm off for some more tea-time. yuck, its a shame the smell of tea makes me gag i have to put in on my FACE :(

Happy with Home Healing Comments By: Nancy G. on 2011-03-06
It really worked with a stubborn sty. Just (2) applications of the tea bags.
Birthday Stye?! Comments By: Kayla <3 on 2011-03-09
Well today is my 14th birthday and yesterday I realized I had a small stye in the upper lid of my right eye. It was still present when I woke up this morning, and desperate to get rid of it I turned to the faithful Internet. I'm proud to say that It has gone done tremendously well using a teabag along with the pain. I'm also soo happy It won't look like I have a 'lazy eye' in my permit picture!! (:
BETTER WORK Comments By: jay on 2011-03-14
hopefully this works im trying it right now
Stye PLEASE HELP Comments By: jacklyn on 2011-03-24
i felt a stye coming like a bruise feeling and i looked it up and i found this. I put it on last night and i woke up and my eyelid is a little red and a little swolllen but no bump or pimple thing , whats going to happen .
it made my sty worse Comments By: Ella sophia on 2011-04-06
i had a sty, so i rubbed it with a gold ring and it didnt work at all. It just made it even worse. it madde it bigger and bigger.

Tea Bag Approach Works! Comments By: Bonnie on 2011-03-31
I recommend using RASPBERRY LEAF tea bags. Do it once or twice a day, definitely before going to bed. Steep tea in a mug; when tea bag cools, dunk it back in the tea, squeeze out excess and re-apply.
tea bags work Comments By: nemesis on 2011-04-07
I used a warm tea bag on my eye after trying everything the doctor prescribed. I had the sty for over a year and nothing worked. Tried a tea bag today and boom sty is disapearing AWESOME!!!!
Stys aren't all it works for Comments By: Nettie on 2011-04-05
This remedy also works great for pink eye. I haven't been to the dr for pink eye in several years and neither have my kids. Anytime any of us gets it I just break out the tea bags :)
amaaaaaaaaazing! Comments By: bobby brown on 2011-04-11
this tip really works - was a bit sceptical at first but after a few applications of liptons yellow label tea and a few prayers, my stye was gone by the next morning...thanks everyone!
Hope Comments By: Sick on 2011-04-28
You have given me hope and thats great. I have a week off work and the day before 'BOOM' get that son ( a stye ) I have never had one before but it really is nasty
remove sty Comments By: nancy on 2011-05-02
Tea bags really works I'm 68 and Irmember my grandmoyher doing this to me It's an old remedy
Praying this works!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Ebony on 2011-05-12
i have tried absoluetly EVERYTHING now its time for the tea bags i pray this works i have had it for 5 days now and it really HURTS Thanks for the advice
It worked for me!! Comments By: Jon Froggatt on 2011-05-19
Found this site. This is no joke. I had a horiffic calazion and a sty. They had got large and were hurting. I could also see the lump in my field of vision. My doctor recommended I went to have it scooped out at hospital. I then found this site. I used Yorkshire Tea. Whilst lying in the bath, face wetted, with head back, I applied a hot tea bag over my eye with head back and squeezed it a little (so a pool of tea was in my eye - with eye closed). I rested for 5 minutes then washed. I did this once every evening. Day 8 saw the total death of my sty and calazion. Another huge thumbs up for Tea!! i love it even more now. Its must be the antioxidants.. ;-) thankyou all.
help Comments By: kerry on 2011-05-26
my 21 month old daughter has a stye inside her bottom eye lid some days it looks like she has a black eye! shes had this for about 8 weeks! gonna go get some raspberry leaf tea in the mornin and try this , fingers crossed?
it works Comments By: teaniwa on 2011-05-27
im a nurse, have a stye was given a antibiotic ointment to use its been 3 days now and a pimply head has emerged have just read this page and now am 10mins into the warm tea bag treatment [liptons lol] this is the best it has felt, pain has subsided and my daughter says its looks less swollen...modern medicine has its place but this is magic!!...very soothing too cos its itchy where the pimple is!!!
Alcoholic wipes, tea bag, shampoo, water, neosprin. Comments By: Brittany on 2011-05-28
Yes!! This works!I rubbed alcoholic wipes to take off the bacteria. Then I put a very hot tea bag (as hot as you can take it) on and keep doing it for about 10 minutes. After that a hot wash cloth on for another 10 minutes or so. After that rinse your eye out with baby shampoo, or you could skip this step. So if you choose to do that or not, put neosporin on your sty and leave it on there. My sty dramatically decreased over night! I'm trying this again to make it go away completely! TRY THIS METHOD IT WORKS GUARANTEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tea bag = washcloth Comments By: RC on 2011-05-28
So everyone is aware (and hopefully reading this far down), the conventional "home remedy" is to hot pack your eye with a hot washcloth, soaked in the hottest water you can stand, for 5-10 minutes, about 4 times a day. Coming from your tap, that should be 100-120 degrees F.

I'm going to play the skeptic card about using a tea bag. Think about this: you soak the tea bag in water as hot as you can stand it. You put it on your eye for 5-10 minutes 3-4 times a day. If the hot compress with a hot wet washcloth works, and the only difference with this and a tea bag is the tea leaves inside of the bag...does it not stand to reason that the tea leaves are probably extraneous (don't matter)?

So save your money on the tea bags and use a washcloth instead.

Chalazion Comments By: borgornnoa on 2011-06-01
I have a one. I hate it. If i could take whats inside of it and eat it i would..I would sprinkle it on my chicken.
help on applying Comments By: cristi on 2011-06-16
i havent tried it yet because im not sure how to apply. what kind of tea do i use and how do i apply it? on the eyelid or on my stye because i have my stye inside my eylid on the edge
tryin Comments By: danielle on 2011-06-16
well i have a sty right now and it is super bad it hurts alot and itches lol i get these things alot when i was little i actually had one so bad one time that i had to go to the doctor and have them put a niddel in to drain it,it was the worst pain i have ever felt in my life because they dont num you.I cryed blood for two days so i am using this tea bag it works better than holding a hot potato wraped in a clean wash rag ill tell you that lol
Chalazion...eye swollen shut Comments By: Ms. Dixie on 2011-06-17
Just used the tea bag this morning, eye was swollen shut, pain was beyond belief. Five minutes after the first application swelling was down, pain was gone, my eye is open, and this seems to be working...
Chamomile tea recommended by my doctor Comments By: Anon on 2011-06-19
I got two styes from working a 30 hour shift and not removing my contact lenses (very bad idea as styes can form from sleep deprivation and the lenses can foster the bacteria). I went to the doctor after a week and she prescribed an antibiotic ointment. She also told me to put a hot chamomile tea bag on the eyes for 10 minutes and to then rinse the eyes with the remaining tea and then apply the ointment. In 2 days they were gone.
relief Comments By: john on 2011-06-22
my eye was swollen and painful after 3 yorkshire tea bag swelling down pain subsides i am 71 my first time to comment about anything on the internet i am very greatefull i found this site plus i had 3 cups of tea what a cheap cure
tea bag Comments By: Susan on 2011-07-02
I put the tea bag on my eye i warmed it and put it on my eye and the stye is now coming to a head so maybe tonight or tom it will pop.
We'll see. Comments By: Anon on 2011-07-03
I'm trying out this remedy now! Gosh I hope this works; I have school tomorrow! Will post the results later :)
what other Comments By: Natalie on 2011-08-10
i have had this sty for 2 days now and i want it gone. What other things work? does apply cold compresses work to cuz thats what my sister told me to do.
IT WORKS! Comments By: sara M on 2011-10-20
Most of the time i dont believe herbal recipes. I go to docs. But i have an interview tommrow for a new job and a big swollen and painful eye. Teabag heated ( keeping it as hot as possible makes it treat the pain well), the swelling was reduced significantly and pain went away moderately!

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