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Relief from Earaches

Submitted by Yapper

Carefully wave a hairdryer back and forth over the sore ear.The heat from the hairdryer will relieve the pain and most often puts my children to sleep also.

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Doesn't work Comments By: karen on 2006-03-15
My son was screaming with earache,I tried this and it made him worse,even on just warm the air just hurt his ear even more.
NO0P3 Comments By: MRSZ. SMiTH on 2007-07-11
sleeping like a baby Comments By: Becca on 2007-10-31
My son woke up in the middle of the night screaming in pain with his ear. I used a hot damp cloth at first and it seemed to take the edge off only for a minute or two. I also gave him Tylenol and after about an hour he was still in terrible pain. I read about the hairdryer thing and decided to give it a try...almost immediately he calmed down. After a couple minutes he smiled and said he felt better. He then went to sleep and slept like a baby.
Helps Comments By: brandonboyd on 2008-12-13
Indeed, this gives pain relief for around 15minutes, enough time to get back to sleep :)
hot water bottle Comments By: anon on 2010-01-10
the heat helps my nana use to give me a warm sock heated next to fire now im older and dont have a fire i remember what she said so try with hot water bottle it seems to be helping forgot how sore earach can be it can also be related to teeth growing in for young children and adults who getting wisdom teeth think thats what happening to me
i was up for 3 hrs last night Comments By: cheryl on 2010-02-15
thanks i was up for 3 hrs last night then tried this and it sooted it enoughed to let me go back to sleep.
worst thing you could do Comments By: Kelly on 2011-02-10
Putting direct air in your ear is the worst thing you could do. It could cause damage to the cochlea in the inner ear and even cause permenant damage and cause one to become deaf

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