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Straighten hair oh so quickly

I have thick, kind of course, curly hair, and I have always wanted to have straight hair. Anyway what I do is wash and condition as usual (Dove works wonders) then towel dry and then air dry until hair is damp/dry. 

Use a straightening serum (Garnier Fructis is awesome) and section off your hair however you feel comfortable and use a wet/dry flat iron (I like Conair). After the hair is straightened, finish off with a little bit of shine serum and go over hair with the flat iron and Voila straight hair oh so quickly. 

The straightening process takes me about 40-60 minutes.

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it's too long Comments By: Yoyo on 2006-12-11
It's talk too long to to.
use a different straightner Comments By: Ravin Madison on 2009-06-08
i wouldnt use a conair they suck for me i go a chi and the work some kind of magic for me! :)
it just depends what straightener you use. Comments By: lua on 2010-12-11
it depends what straightener you use. i have a decent, but cheap straightener, but my friend uses an expensive and ceramic straightener, when i use mine, it takes around 30-40 mins, but with my friends good one, only around 10-15..

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