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Glowing & Fair Skin

Submitted by Sumaira

Add 1tbs of milk in sandalwood powder apply on you r face leave it for 15-20 min wash with ordinary tap water..

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Gud Comments By: Annon on 2005-06-02
Ur tip is really gud.
hi!! Comments By: naie on 2008-02-18
ahmn, wat kind of milk will i use? and wats sandalwood powder anyway? hmn, want to try this.
FAIR SKIN Comments By: AYESHA on 2008-03-08
where do i get sandal wood powder. Comments By: khatijah aini on 2008-05-08
hey pls help me ..where can i get sandalwood powder ?as i am staying in malaysia so i dont exactly know where i can get this sandalwood powder..
whitening skin Comments By: sophia on 2008-09-09
its good as it contains only home remedy products. Try to post more effective non sideeffect remedies thanks
hi Comments By: vithiya vellan on 2008-12-04
hello im from malaysia..i juz wanna know is that can use any milk in market to add with sandalwood..or im using herbal santanam so can i use it with milk
to become fair Comments By: priya on 2009-04-24
i want become fair my color is becoming dark within two weaks i am goig to get married so please say some valuable tips to become fair within two weaks

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