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Saving important papers for easy and organized access

Submitted by Candy Sherman

If you have a scanner connected to your computer, you can scan and then save important receipts, taxes, paperwork, children's awards, shot records, pictures, and anything you may want to access quickly. You can divide them into folders, and then you can find them in an instant when needed. Depending on the item you can also throw some of the original papers away to save space else ware. 

I have done this with lots and lots of paperwork, pictures, receipts. It is especially nice for warranty work, because you can bring up the receipt instantly and print it out if needed.

For the more important, or priceless items you can burn them onto a CD and keep them in a fire safe or safety deposit box. I bought a Jump Drive, that I just plug in a USB port, and I downloaded the items I had scanned in on this, and now it is attached to my keyring for safe storage, so if my computer ever crashes I have what I need.

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