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Be comfortable with your body

If you are uncomfortable about your body, look on the bright side. limit how much time you spend looking at yourself. If you are bigger find other beautiful famous people who don't starve themselves, like queen latifa, and Kelly Osborne. also, boys don't always focus on looks, whenever my guy friends talk about people they say yea she's cool not yea she's too fat or too skinny. also I no that everybody says this, but look in the mirror and find the best things about you like I have beautiful eyebrows, or nice cheekbones, or beautiful eyes. also look in the mirror, slap your ass, and yell damn I'm hot!!!!it helps me.

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*chuckles* Comments By: Raindrop on 2005-07-25
That last sentence you wrote made me laugh out loud. XD But it was one of the things that helped most! Thanks.
thick thighs will rise! Comments By: panda on 2009-04-14
adorable :D
made me laugh out loud too
limiiting your time infront of the mirror
works wonders as well.
less time to look at what you dont like.

from a mans perspective Comments By: frankie on 2009-04-14
One of my ex-girlfriends once told me that when one thinks that she is beautiful, she doesn't need to look in the mirror because she knows she looks good.
(not saying that you think you're not beautiful)
just some food for thought.
think about it :D


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