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Olive oil and egg yolk for hair conditioning

Submitted by TessaChoi

Beat an egg yolk and oilve oil well together. One egg yolk with one and a half tablespoon of olive oil for short hair. Pls adjust the mixture to yr hair length.

Apply on yr hair (when dry), leave it in a shower cap for at least half an hour to one hour, then shampoo yr hair as usual. Yes, yr hair would be soft and you will like it!! :D

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question Comments By: anon on 2006-09-05
It's not a comment actually..coz i haven't tried it..coz i remember a friend told me..olive oil and egg white not the egg yolk..is it ok if i combine the egg white and olive oil? will this also remove dandruff?

TipKing says: The oil will stick the dandruff to your scalp. That is all it will probably do!

Egg for head! Comments By: nilda on 2006-10-08
Egg yolk and egg white can be put in the hair. Egg yolk on top wash with cold or warm water not sure but should be careful because the egg can cook in the hair leaving an odor. And egg white on bottom of hair or tips for condition rinse out with cold water.

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