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Ichthamol ointment is great for boils

Use a cream called ichthamol ointment (can find easier at a small drugstore rather than a chain store). It is a "drawing salve" that's been around a long time!

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uses for ichthammol Comments By: MtVal on 2006-11-11
my father used this to draw slivers and splinters that were too deep...everyone I show this to, is totally amazed...best there is for infection, drawing, etc...do not put on burns or any area that needs to dry out as it will keep moist...
Hard to Find but worth looking for Comments By: DD on 2007-08-02
My mom used to use this for my brother who was always getting boils. It is incredible! I have a tube that's about 10 years old but I'm still holding on to it cause this ointment is so hard to find.
I found it at Wal-Mart Comments By: Just Me on 2008-03-14
behind the pharmacy counter. just ask for it.
great product Comments By: abby on 2008-05-02
i use this stuff for my horses abcesses!!! its easy to find at any horse store or even a pets mart if you just ask! works like a charm!!!!
Ichthamol Comments By: Bryan W on 2008-06-01
I reside in Australia and it is very easy to get here. It's great stuff. I had a pilonidal sinus and after I had it operated on it wouldn't heal. After three months, I started using Ichthamol and it healed within a week.
40 Year Old Tube! Comments By: Anon on 2008-06-16
I've had this same tube of ichthamol since I was a kid! You only need a little bit! I used it on an infected spot on my daughters ear and it cleared right up!
Great ointment Comments By: Missy on 2008-07-15
About 25 years ago, I got bit by a Brown Recluse spider. I had a nasty spot on my thigh. My dad put Ichthamol ointment on it with a bandage and sqeezed out the rotten matter that was in my leg for about a month. It healed up and I have a small scar on my leg that no one even notices.
great for poison ivy too Comments By: carlj on 2008-08-08
I use it on poison ivy. If it is a large patch, I use a square guaze with tape; if it is small, like on the fingers, band aids will do. But it really does the job.
Great Stuff! Comments By: Don Lynch on 2008-08-25
I have a tube that is twenty years old. Can anyone tell me for certain that it is as good as the day it was made? I had a hard time finding it 20 yrs. ago. I can't wait to go looking for it now.
The Answer Comments By: Don Lynch on 2008-08-25
To answer my own question I called my pharmacist. Shooting from the hip he said he would not count on it working as well as a fresh tube/tub. Most chemicals will change properties after time, esp. if exposed to air. He said it may still work, but is it working at it's full potential? And for what it cost why not just keep it new. I only need it once and awhile and I wouldn't want to be without. Stung by a very
p o'd hornet the other day. You just never know. And I found it all over the net. It seems it is great for horses also. I don't even want to go there. LOL. The best to all. Don Lynch

GOOD OLD DAYS Comments By: BILLY MATHEWS on 2008-11-16

ichthamol is a wonder ointment!!! Comments By: devin on 2008-11-21
my grandma use to use this stuff. it's fantastic and every medicine cabinet should have some in it. grandma use to have a big brown plastic jar of it. today i found some a rite aid in a small tube. cvs and walgreen did not have it. i'm using it to draw infection from my nose. it's great for getting things to come to a head...so that the infection will drain and the healing will follow.
Old Time Wonder Comments By: Kristie on 2009-02-11
I swear by this stuff for boils!! It's amazing and cheap. I've found it at Wal Green's Pharmacy behind the counter and Wal Mart too. It's ugly and stinks to heck and back, but it's sooo worth it!!
at walgreens behind pharmacy Comments By: Lisa on 2009-03-01
This stuff works great. It's easy to find if you know who to ask behind the pharmacy.
Ichthammol Ointment Comments By: Noelene on 2009-04-04
Can Ichthammol ointment be used for eczema?
i know where to get icthammol Comments By: Mary on 2009-06-30
i went to walgreens and asked the pharmacist.He keeps it back there. just go ask for it!!
Ichthamol is great for psoriasis Comments By: Marilyn on 2009-09-13
My Dad rubs it all over his hands, puts on cotton gloves, goes to sleep, and his hands look healed in the morning. Amazing
Great Stuff! Comments By: Anon on 2009-10-07
My dad had this when I was growing up in the 50's and it worked great every time. I'm going to start searching for it again - don't want to be without it anymore!
what about large pimples Comments By: pimple princess on 2009-10-17
can you use Icthamol ointment on pimples an to draw out blackheads?

Sam's Club Pharmacy Has It Or Will Order It Comments By: Anon on 2009-12-01
I just got 3 tubes of Ichthammol Ointment from Sam's Club Pharmacy today at $3.16 per tube. Using it on a boil on my chin and a large boil om my back. More to come
staph infection Comments By: levi on 2010-01-23
dose it work on staph infection or whats the best thing to use ? anybody help me
Where to get it... Comments By: Nickey on 2010-02-04
It is not very hard to find, if you are not pickey. Most feed stores keep it in stock and it is about $12 for a 1lb. jar. It may sound strange but it works. and keep it in the house.
Ichthamol ointment is the best! Comments By: JoAnn McGowan on 2010-04-27
We used it all the time when I was growing up and we all still use it. Try to keep a tube in the car just in case. I put it on one of my boys as todder and the doctor told me to move out of the dark ages but it worked better than anything he offered!
BOILS MAY BE STAPH! ICTHAMOL IS MIRACULOUS! Comments By: g. sweet on 2010-05-16
Regardless of the cause of boils (staph, fecal matter, splinter, ingrown hair, bacteria, etc, etc) Icthamol is the BEST!

I had NEVER had a boil and after surgery developed one near my anus...ouch, ouch, ouch! The ointment started drawing it out within hours!

BUT REMEMBER, even though the boil may drain, you still may have to see a doctor to get the core out and possibly take a round of antibiotics. The dr. will test for staph and other bacterial infections.

Walmart still has it... Comments By: Cousin Bigfoot on 2010-12-20
Walmart still has it. If an employee hadn't asked me what I needed, I would not have found Ichthamol. They keep it behind the counter. It's ichthamol ointment 20%.
Ichthammol ointment Comments By: stacey bennett on 2010-12-22
ive had a open wound for 2 years,went to doctor after doctor and hundrends of dollars later no one knew how to heal this ive tried dermawound and every medicine doctors have given me nothing worked for 2 years the Pharmacists at wamart suggested a tube of Ichthammol ointment one week of using the sore-cut is competey healed with a very small light scar
I have reoccuring boils Comments By: medicinebuddha on 2011-06-03
I've had a nasty one on my lower abdomen that got infected from me messing with it not knowing what I was doing. Finally went to the ER cause it had covered the entire area across my belly from hip to hip. The surgeon lanced it and put me on Bactrim and it went away for another year or so. They kept returning on other parts and now I have one on my left ankle that has been there for a couple of months! Let me say that Ichthamol ointment is what I used on the last two, and now again. This one is very hard surfaced and painful. So far the tar's been on here 2 days. Once a day I wash it with Dr. Bonners baby liquid soap to antiseptically soften it up and then redress it. I'll keep you posted and come back and let you know how long it takes to open on its own. Great remedy for a few bucks and some of your own time.
OMG Comments By: Ollie Kaye on 2011-06-14
Pain, pain, pain is gone, gone, gone!!
I teach Summer school and didn't how I was going to make it. Thank you for the advice of using this ointment.

i have a boil Comments By: laquasha on 2011-06-20
i hope this stuff work i jus got a tube from a 73 yr old lady pray for me

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