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Ice your blister

Submitted by Adam A.

First you take ice and you hold it against your face for 1 hour that is switching ice everytime it melts. Shouldn't put it in towel, just as is.

If you did it correctly the blister should be frozen then you break it off, good luck.

p.s. it worked for me

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IT WORKS! Comments By: Susan on 2007-08-23
However, what's even better is that as soon as you feel the blister, but you can't even see it yet (just a small bump under the skin)- apply the ice and it WILL NEVER BREAK THE SKIN. It kills it. My daughter (12 yrs old) has suffered w/these for years - the ice works and we are ecstatic!!!
Ice works! Comments By: Ben on 2008-03-31
I suffered with cold sores for years. It was really embarassing. Last week, I got the flu, which told me that a cold sore was coming up soon, and sure enough, it started. This time, however, I iced it every morning when I got up and every night before bed. Within about 4 days, it was gone and it never broke the surface! No nasty red splotch on my lip at all. The worst it got was a bit swollen.

From now on, I'll be icing it every time. Thank God... next best thing to a cure.


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