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Beautiful sleek and smooth hair!

Submitted by Michelle

This washing and styling technique will keep your hair looking nice and sleek for as long as you need:

1. Wash hair using loreal elvive anti-frizz shampoo

2. Condition hair using loreal elvive anti-frizz conditioner, leave in for 2-3 minutes and wash out

3. Pat your hair dry, do NOT rub as this will totally ruin your hair and make it really frizzy

4. Comb your hair, do not use a brush as this again will make your hair frizzy

5. Whilst your hair is still wet, put serum in your hair, this helps smooth out the hair and makes it shiny

6. When your hair is dry, use ceramic straightners and straighten your hair layer by layer

7. Once you have straightened your hair, spray hair all over and brush your hair straight away

It is best to do this the night before needed s you are not rushing around in the morning, your hair won't be ruined by sleep since you have put hairspray in which will keep it in shape

Visitors comments

Awesome! Comments By: veronicaxmars on 2006-01-03
Great Great Great Tips!!! Wonderful.. i wouldnt mind doing this in the morning though but since there are busy people out there it would be appriopriate for them to do it before.. Thanx again!
Amazing Tips Comments By: Eileen dover on 2008-02-28
Great tips, fabulous darling, just fabulous; i use them in the salon for wet cuts, amazing thanks again.
fabulous/exellent Comments By: Jem on 2008-03-08
i think this idea is fab it keeps eoples hair how they want it sleek shiny and straight i have tested it out and it really really works.
... Comments By: nonA on 2009-02-11
I think its an okish idea but it would be nice if you werent so specific with your products...
wow Comments By: ur gr8 on 2009-05-02
i have been searching for the awnser to this question for months and u have awnsered it, i have told everyone i know thanks!
YES! Comments By: Lauren Cottle on 2009-06-02
Awesome, just awesome. I do that ever morning before school, but try without the hairspray, it stays the same :)
Works Pretty Well Comments By: Lauren on 2009-10-06
This was a great techique, but this process takes FOREVER!! (BUT LOOKS GREAT!)
Pretty!! Comments By: www.randomstuffszreincarnation.piczo.com on 2009-10-18
This was so great, I really needed this. It's so hard for me to straighten my hair, and this helped. With a little bit of make up and my hair being great, I looked great!
hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: ashely on 2009-10-22
what the hell is this ....it's hard to do and it also needs serum and the other thing i don't hve it and it' seven more expensive

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