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Cleaning Microwaves made easy

Submitted by Nina

Tired of those hard to clean microwaves? Well here's what ya do:

Take a soapy dishrag and put it in the microwave and turn microwave on high for one - two minutes. When microwave stops leave door shut for about five minutes. this will allow time for the steam to get all over inside of microwave. After this wipe clean. I been doing this for years, and omg what a blessing it was when i was told about it

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Another ider Comments By: Karri on 2005-09-06
I fill a microwave safe cup/mug with water and add a shot of lemon juice. Put in microwave for 3-5 minutes then let stand for 10 minutes after timer goes off. Everything wipes off very nicely and leaves my microwave smelling pretty darn good too!

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