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Shiny beautiful curls!

Submitted by Anita

Ok. We are all tired of dry curls. I know it because myself used to suffer from that. For all of you chick with curly hair, Olive oil is the key. First, take a cup full of olive oil, (convenient while showering.) Apply Olive oil After you shampooed and applied conditioner, and start applying from tip to roots. 

Apply as much as you want. After, take a bag, and tie it so it covers your hair. Any leftover of Olive oil, apply to your skin, So it glows. Leave olive oil wit cap over night, and wash it with COLD water in the morning. Apply not shampoo, only conditioner after taking it off. 

Tie your hair in towel, and leave until dry enough, (Do not brush.) wrapping around towel scrunches the hair. Take off and let dry Do not apply any moose unless needed since olive oil will make it shiny. Again, after washing, Do not brush at all.

Good luck and tell me how it goes.

Visitors comments

Thanks Comments By: Casey on 2006-07-22
this worked really well thanks for the tip!
Finally! Comments By: ryj on 2008-05-09
best solution yet so good i fe;e;

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