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Don't waste a bit of bar soap

Submitted by Roxanne

Accumulate bars of soap that get too small to bother with? You can also add those tiny free bars of soap from hotels. When you have a bunch, put them into a glass or ceramic bowl (I use a cereal bowl) to about 2/3 full.

Smash down as much as you easily can with your hands, and add water to a little below the top of the soap. Microwave for at least 15 minutes. Allow to cool; then let set a few days until the new bar of soap is set. Use a butter knife to remove from bowl. 

It's nice and big: handy to use at the kitchen sink. Not only is not a bit of soap wasted, but you don't have to waste time trying to wash your hands with those tiny slivers of soap. [Note: If you use too much water, the soap takes longer to dry; but next time you'll have a better idea of how much water to use.]

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