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When you pop your pimple...

Submitted by Noah

We all know that it is not a good thing to pop our pimples, but we also know that this isn't always an easy thing to do. 

When you do pop your pimple, I recommend using a ply of tissue paper and folding it twice to make a smaller square. Dip the center of the square in alcohol and use this to apply pressure on the spot where you popped your pimple for at least a full minute or until the bleeding fully stops. 

You will get acne scars. It is inevitable. But at least the bacteria does not spread, giving you more pimples.

Visitors comments

ooppss Comments By: Trish on 2005-07-13
If you use alcohol it will dry it out and make it itchy. You are better to usr Tea tree oil or polysporin. Tea tree will dry it out enough and polysporin will"speed" up the process.
do you ever pop? Comments By: none on 2005-07-28
just wondering if there ever is a right time to pop your zits? How are you suppose to get the pus out when it all comes to the surface?
wht i do Comments By: littlebabe* on 2005-08-04
Well what I do is get this clean and clear acne scrub really good! before i put it on I mess around with my face to pop the skin. then wash my face with the clen and clear and my face turns out fine.!
Clean and Clear Comments By: Anon on 2005-08-18
Instead of the alcohol solution I use Clean and Clear Blackhead Scrubs (a circular cotton pad with notches on 1 side and is soaked in an alcohol-like solution) and press it against the spot as the tip suggests. I don't seem to experience excessive dryness with it.
DONT DO IT!! Comments By: jake on 2005-08-20
i was told that if you put calamine lotion on it it will dry them out and heel any pimples....dont do it..like 5 minutes after i put the calamine oin my face fell glued and it burrrrnnnsss like a mother!
Half right Comments By: CR on 2006-11-09
Pop your pimples only in the shower to release the funk and immediately shrink the pore when your face hits the cold air - resulting in no acne scars.
popping the pimple.. Comments By: mariah on 2008-05-02
Well,when you POP your PIMPLE,like it goes away faster though.But it can leave SCARS though.
there is a better way Comments By: dani on 2008-06-25
When I pop a pemple I put neosporin on it over night because it keeps it is an antibiotic it gets rid of the germs withouth drying it out, heals the spot on your face fast, and if you get the new kind it also reduces redness.

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