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A skin tightener maybe to lessen wrinkles

Submitted by Sereena Tucker

To tighten your skin , but not exactly reduce wrinkles crack an egg open and put the egg white on your face leave it on while you sleep. In the morning rince the egg white off your face.

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""This could be dangerous"" Comments By: CrisQ on 2005-07-15
I am in a very minute group of people ... approximately 7% of the human race is allergic to eggs and many of those people are allergic to the yolk only ... I am unfortunately in that % of people who are only allergic to the white of the egg ... not saying that this is not a good tip, just that if you have an egg allergy and you are not sure which part you are allergic to be very careful.
its a good tips pls send more tips if someone feel allergy from eggs. which can bee easy and effect Comments By: shahzad on 2009-06-12
this is a good tips for removing wrinkles if permanently.
nice tips Comments By: shahzad kanwal on 2009-06-12
plese send more tips for wrinkle removing specially for eye lines and lips lines removing as wel as forhead lines and neck lines

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