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Soften and remove kidney stone

Submitted by Nilda Ivette Rivera RN

If not contraindicated you have nothing to loose. One ounce of fresh grapefruit juice(directly from the fruit) mixed with one teaspoon olive oil (Normal not virgin one). Taken by mouth with empty stomach every morning for SEVEN days (tastes good). Wait like 15 minutes before breakfast. Drink plenty of fluids. I catch a star like stone very small, lot of sand like ones and some soft like cream. 

Cleans your kidneys and you don't even notice it, but you will notice the difference. (I'm a retire RN and personally did take one dose only of anti-inflammatory pill like the second day just to help)

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kidney stones Comments By: N.I.Rivera RN on 2005-07-20
Sorry my tip should read fresh grapefruit juice

TipKing says: Thank you I have changed the tip. Great tip BTW

it works!! Comments By: N.I.R. on 2005-08-12
My neighbor was in pain due to a kidney stone,taking meds.I told him about this remedy and in couple of days it was gone.He didn't notice when it pass out in the urine.His next x ray was negative.
Gallstones? Comments By: Jaymie on 2008-03-28
I think these are gall stones not kidney stones that are coming out... but I may be wrong.

Google 'liver cleanse' the recipe is very similar.

BEER Comments By: Joy on 2008-04-11
1 can HINIKINS Beer breaks up kidney stones like sand you'll pass the stone within in 1 hour no pain.
It really works.

lemon and olive oil,,,works,,,,,,,,,,,, Comments By: edi on 2009-04-08
i have had 1mm stone and took 2 oz. olive oil mix with one lemon .drink it and take plenty of water as much as possible, bingo,,,,,
My mother had kidney stones so bad.... Comments By: Jeannie on 2009-07-12
She has kidney stones so bad one time, and it was on a weekend. She was in horrible pain. Thankfully, I've never had one--yet, but I certainly will remember the remedy her doctor gave to her over the phone that weekend:
1- very large glass
2- fill the glass with cooled boiled water
3- 3 TBS of glycerin oil
4- squeeze one whole fresh lemon in the mixture

Drink it down. Within an hour, the stone passed!

Question Comments By: Naresh on 2009-07-30
up to what size of Kidney stones, this method can break / help in passing through urine?
Stuck with Stones Comments By: rod on 2009-10-08
I have tried beer, hot and cold, lemons, water, and a list of contraptions to rid my stones, they just wont come out, I think I need to taser myself, im wondering if salt causes em?
Great work Comments By: Zubair Uddin Khan on 2010-01-15
My eight years old daughter diagnosed .4 cm stone in kidney, when i searched on net, I found this remedy, within 6 days stone drained out without pain. Great!
Andre's Kidney stone pain and stone remover Comments By: Andre Engelbrect ICEY on 2010-03-08
One carrot sliced with 2 oz olive oil and 1 oz lemon juice. mix and grind it till mixture, After 1 and half hour stone will be out.
i have kidney stone 9 mm . Comments By: ien on 2011-04-07
i have kidney stone .in left side but a little pain in my right side . what is this i did not understand . i have sonograph . so why this happening . please reply me .

Kidney Stones Dissolved Comments By: Sidney G. on 2011-04-04
I used a Product Called Renavive Kidney Cleanse. It helped me eliminate my (3) Kidney stones with zero pain! I still take it as a maintanance.
Remarkable!! Comments By: Ian, Sheringham, UK on 2011-04-13
After a week of intermittent pain and discomfort with a stone which had obviously moved from the kidney and then got caught up first in my bladder then urethra, I searched out and found this remedy. I can honestly say that within 18 hrs the stone had passed painlessly and the RELIEF WAS MASSIVE! I'm going to keep on with the 'treatment' for the next week or so to ensure all stones are released and expelled and then will use this regularly as a cleanse and preventative measure. Thanks so much to the person who originally posted the tip.

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