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Funky highlights - to get crazy colored highlights

Submitted by jezz

To get crazy colored highlights, just take a washable marker and streak it through your hair. It will last all day, and then you can wash it out with shampoo!!

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Uhh Comments By: Anon on 2007-02-22
This is stupid. What if you have dark colored hair, the marker won't show up.
Shows how much you know Comments By: TR on 2007-02-28
Actually it will show up in dark hair too...so who's stupid now?
Wow. Comments By: Anna on 2007-05-22
Who's stupid? I'd say both of you. It's marker. Grow up.
in middle school Comments By: sarah on 2007-08-25
myfriends and would do that all the time. i came up on ally hair colors, from red, like me, to black, like one of my friends. we used highlighters, and it did no damage to out hair at all. and it looked great. personally, i used pink on my bangs.
Kool Aid Comments By: Marie on 2008-04-02
the kids around here have been using kool aid from a package,it comes out pretty cool with light hair and with dark hair(in the sun you can see your shades you placed in.
Kool aid Comments By: Ashley Nicole on 2009-03-26
I went to cosmetology school and we used Kool aid and a level 5 or 10 developer. The kool aid lasted a lot longer.
Kool Aid Comments By: SoCalMom on 2009-04-09
...it lasted longer? Wow. Makes you wonder what kind of dye they use. To think...people actually drink it. Especially children.

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