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Home security the basic principles

Submitted by Securityman-Archie

One of the main problems when it comes to home security, is "Was the door locked by my partner?", "Did I lock the door on the way out?" and many more. Whether you live by yourself or in a family environment, the basic principles of Home security remain the same.

Step1: Develop a checklist of your home (Take a pen and paper and walk around your home, and list access ways i.e doors & windows which require you to secure that feature prior to departing your home.

Step2:For the first two weeks continue to check all the access points prior to leaving your home or going to bed at night and tick them off your list & say out a loud the word "CHECKED".

Step3: By the end of the second week, you should have the layout of your home programmed in your mind, and you will not need a list anymore. The securing of your home will become second nature, and you will feel more confident and self assured that you have 'locked the house'. No more second guessing or worrying about "did I, or didn't I lock the house?"

Some of you may wish to continue using the list, and this is a great way to educate your family members and introduce them to home security 101.

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