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Josy's down by the sea formula

Submitted by Josy

My home dermabrasion scrub

a teaspoon of sea salt crystals
three crushed up vitamin C pills 500 mil.each.
24000 units of vitamin A gel caps. capules are 8000 units each.
Vitamin E gel caps. I use 800 mil. you can use more if you like its up to you. E is great for elasticity.

Put some cold aloe in the jar your using to mix your formula with it will tone down the fish oil Put it
on your face at night as part of your night time renewel system .Don't wear it when you go out
you don't want to smell fishy. Just use some plain store bought aloe vera gel something lite in the day time. Aloe is wonderfull especially if your allergic to sunscreen .

Visitors comments

Fish Oil? Comments By: K on 2008-03-28
Where did the fish oil come into this? Does Vit A just smell like fish? I have no idea, or did an ingredient get left out? Thanks


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