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Acne Cleaner Environment

Submitted by Jennifer

I have normal-combo (oily t-zone but dry cheeks) and find it hard to manage acne. However, through some experiments, I've noticed an improvement by having a cleaner environment:

1. Change your bed-case and pillow case once a week. You may also be allergic to the detergent/conditioner so make sure to double rinse to get rid of the excess.

2. If you have oily skin try using Clean & Clear blotting sheets (it's plastic blue). NOT the Bodyshop powder talc sheets because it's horrible. All the Clean & Clear sheets do is absorb the excess oil in your face and does not leave a powdery residue (which could aggravate you skin).

3) WATER! Drink a lot of water/liquid until your pee *hee hee* is clear. The darker your urine is, it means your body isn't hydrated enough.

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Good Tips Comments By: veronicaxmars on 2006-01-01
Thanx for the tips =) basic but still good..

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