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Multi-purpose skin creme

Submitted by RoadRunningVixen

Mix a white-based lotion (lubriderm is best), cocoa powder and baby powder in a bowl for a multipurpose beauty product. It will look like pudding when done. Not only does it give an instant tan. It can be used as foundation, concealer, liquid eye shadow or applied as lip creme for a natural pout. Over time it makes your skin soft and smoother. 

For foundation:
Spread it on REALLY thin and rub in until it is almost dry. Add a tiny dab of Vaseline on over to seal it in. 

For eye shadow: 
Use a q-tip and put on eyelid, matte lightly with powder & cotton ball.

For concealer, rub on under eyes where cheekbone is and lightly rub in with cotton ball. Don't rub it all the way in, because it gives a glow under the eyes. 

For lipstick, rub on with finger or qtip around lips. It takes to natural lip form and enhances natural tint to lips. Can dab a tiny bit of powder over if necessary. Then a dab of Vaseline. You'll notice it shows off your natural pout. Do not lick lips and DON'T EAT IT! IT smells YUMMY, but remember, there's lotion and powder in there!

If you use it overnight often, you'll notice a natural shine, tint and healthy looking skin. Works for any race or color.

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hmm. Comments By: Rachel on 2006-06-08
Adding a broken skin coloured bronzer works better and is more natural than cocoa.

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