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Drink for Hic - Ups

Submitted by Len P.

Fill an 8 oz. glass with cold drinking water. Fold a paper towel Twice (giving 4 layers of towel). Place the paper towel over the top of the glass and clamp the towel to the glass with your hand. 

Tip the glass of water up and drink the water by sucking it through the paper towel - no fail procedure.

Visitors comments

not smart Comments By: sam booey on 2005-09-06
i tried this procedure and it failed miserably. in fact it even made me start puking.
hic up tip Comments By: jrogue on 2006-03-18
I tried it and it worked!
The pucker must have inhaled the paper towel!! Comments By: Carie on 2006-07-15
THIS WORKS EVERTIME! Has worked since 7th grade when my science teacher made us do it!
close but not quite right Comments By: Anthony Walker on 2008-12-04
the paper towel idea is ok but a similar way which works every time for me is a glass of water and while your taking tiny sips and gulping it down get someone to hold thier fingers in your ears pushing the small lobes in. try it, it works every time
Almost... Comments By: Callie on 2009-01-27
Rather than having someone plug your ears for you, drink water out of a straw while plugging your own ears. But I tried the paper towel thing last night for the first time and it worked like a charm!!

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