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Turn Dry Frizzy Hair into Silky Smooth Hair

Submitted by Rain

Anyone suffering from dry hair frizzies...

Hair is usually dry because it lacks natural oils and vitamins. Some applied oils replace these, like hair oils, but that solution is usually temporarily. My hair is very dry, usually frizzing, even with heavy conditioner. My friend passed me a helpful tip. Shower, either in warm or in cool water (cool water doesn't dry out skin and hair too much). Shampoo, rinse, then lather up with a rich, thick conditioner. (Some "for dry hair" conditioners work well, but others may DRY your hair OUT so you will buy more. This is simply a way to make more money. Find one that works for you. I recommend Herbal Essence or Pantene.) Do not rinse immediately--take a fine-toothed comb and gently comb through your hair, from top to ends in each stroke. This distributes the conditioner to all parts or your hair and keeps the hair manageable. After around five minutes of this, rinse. When you get out, wrap your hair in a towel, towel-drying and blow-drying may/will damage your hair. Still damp, comb through again. This tip may take a few times for your hair to take effect.

Everyone's hair is different. Some are naturally dry while others are temporarily dry, (ie teenagers or preteens through puberty). My hair is fine and frizzy, and it worked for me!

*****Simple Solution** If this doesn't work, I have often tied my hair back in a ponytail or braid, spraying it with water. In a few hours I can let it down. Sometimes pressure can stop it from frizzing, but this solution isn't that accountable.

Visitors comments

Almost Comments By: Anon on 2005-09-13
I think you are right but teens going through puperty wont have frizzy hair it would make more sense for them to have oily hair what makes it dry is all the straitening and curling irons they like to use
Taming dry frizzy hair Comments By: Gill on 2005-09-27
I have found the perfect product to tame dry frizzy hair, try John Frieda Frizz Ease hair serum. There are different strengths for different hair types, just a small amount on dry hair will stop any moisture in the air turning your hair into a frizzy mop.
thax Comments By: Chelsea Elaine Sigler on 2006-03-06
this method does help my hair is soft and smoth again with no frizz my hair is doing what i want it to and it don't puff out like a big afro or something it is great thaxs for the tip and another way is to put lotion in you hair every day not alot but some to help take the frizz away but don't apply it straight to your head or it will get really oily.

Good Advice.... but Comments By: Christy on 2008-12-01
Very good tips... however, when you comb the conditioner through your hair, be sure to start at the ends and work your way to the scalp. Starting at the scalp can cause more breakage.
TEENAGE TROUBLES Comments By: A on 2008-12-03
so, i'm a teenager. i have frizzy hair, but its oily at the roots. but i can only see comments regarding either oliy or dry hair. so what do i do if i have both?
Frizzes Be Gone Comments By: sunnydays13 on 2009-01-19
One thing that you can do to help yourself fight the frizzes is to sleep on a satin pillowcase. Your hair slides across the top of satin and doesn't get caught in the fibers as it does with cotton. Cotton also absorbs all the vital oils and moisture out of your hair. Those oils are necessary for healthy hair follicles to grow. Cotton also causes friction which causes your hair to frizz up and dry out, have split ends and hair breakage. I found a site that has amazing satin pillowcases. You might want to give them a look. The company is A Touch Of Satin. Google them and see what they have. They even had a page on their site that talked about how good satin is for your hair and skin. Good luck!
Frizzy! Comments By: Unkn0wn on 2009-02-25
Hey. My hair is really frizzy and im embarassed to go out with my friends and also guys. I envy my friend's hair too. Im so frustrated becuz when i go to cut my hair, and i pick a style, the hair styler cuts my hair,and there's no diff. My frizzy hair cant style. It is so humiliating. Help me please! I hope there are tips that are harmless and really work!
Frizzies Are Gone! Comments By: Heather on 2009-03-10
Sunnydays13, thanks for the tip. I went to A Touch Of Satin, as you suggested. I ordered a set of satin pillowcases two weeks ago. I Love Them. They feel sooo great and my hair doesn't feel as dry. It certainly isn't as frizzy and I didn't have pillow lines this morning when I woke up. Thanks again for the great tip. I'll mention it to my friends!
my sisters sons Comments By: lali on 2009-06-05
my sisters sons is sad because his hair is verry frizzly , he is 7 years old
he always wish to get a hair like the students on his class

he always tell her mother to change his hair style but she can,t

and the is no solution

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Comments By: Jane on 2010-04-02
hello my is really very frizzy or dry when i dont bath 4 3 days they come up to be silky like anything and as soon as i bath they come up to be dry again plz plz help everyone laughs at so plz can u help plz
frizzy hairs Comments By: Anon on 2010-09-18
i have too much frizzy hairs,what can i do if i want to do straightining.when straight even then they r frizzy,...how can i help it out??
CourtneyMalone Comments By: CourtneyMalone on 2010-12-16
I have very long, straight, fairly thick hair. It's naturally light brown, but I've been highlighting it heavily for years, and the ends have recently become extremely dry and difficult to manage. The underneath part that lies against the back of my neck is especially difficult and, after combing, retangles itself within minutes.

I was beginning to think I'd have to cut the bottom 6 or 7 inches off and start over, but my colorist (who, by the way, works in a salon that doesn't carry Shielo, so I figure she's being objective) recommended the Shielo Hydrate line (both Shampoo and Conditioner). I figured it was worth a shot, even though the combined cost of the retail sized shampoo and conditioner is about $47.

My hair definitely appears MUCH smoother, even when air-dried. (However, I've noticed that continued use is necessary, because when I use anything else my hair doesn't look nearly as good.) I leave the Shielo Hydrate conditioner in for 5 minutes as the label directs; thoroughly combing it through in the meantime seems to give the best results. With both the Shielo Hydrate shampoo and the conditioner, a little product goes a long way (in contrast to cheaper drugstore products).


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