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Guarantee hiccup cure

Submitted by Maxx Grandel

To cure the hiccups take a glass of water to your living room, sit upside-down on the couch and take a drink of your water from the opposite side of the glass. guaranteed to work!

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Yah Comments By: Terry on 2005-09-13
That what I do but if you don't want to get on a couch and everything you could just kinda go down like your touching your toes and then sip from the oposite side
did not work Comments By: Ansleah on 2005-09-14
This did not work for me at all! I like my mom's old way : peanut butter. just one tablespoon. just dont eat it if you are allergic to nuts:-p
RE: Hiccups Comments By: anon on 2005-09-19
I haven't had any luck with this, however, 1 tsp. of peanut butter works really fast! My family of 5 uses this method everytime, and before we have eaten it up they are gone!!!
hmm Comments By: Classic Markers (I'm can't put my real name on) on 2008-03-04
it didn't work. all it did for me is get the water up my nose LOL!
anyway i think i'll stick to something else.
But thanks anyway you gave me my mom and dad a big laugh when the water came out of my nose.
(i know you want to laugh, go ahead!):P

what a laugh Comments By: Peanut butter on 2008-08-12
Did u just make this up 2 make ppl get water all ova them? Not many ppl get it do they? LOL.....SO FUNNY

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