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Club Soda will cure heartburn

Submitted by Matt

Club Soda will cure heartburn in about 10 seconds flat. I feel bad for anyone who actually pays for medicines etc. when club soda will knock it right out.

If you ever had chemistry class, you should know when you mix acids and bases, they form water (and gas). Club Soda (pure sodium-bicarbonate) is acid's natural enemy. Try it!

Visitors comments

Heartburn Cure...Wow! Comments By: Teri on 2005-12-26
Actually, one sip and heartburn was gone! So 5 seconds did it!
ACE Comments By: Rachael on 2007-07-26
Fantastic - just tried it just now - what a difference!!
Feeling sick? Comments By: Grumpyneale on 2008-10-25
Try a glass of Ginger Beer or Canada Dry the combination of fizzy and Ginger, ( a well known digestive aid) works wonders!

ginger ale Comments By: geoff barnes on 2009-01-03
I woke up with the worst heartburn, took one sip of ginger ale and it was gone!! I felt like dying before but now I feel good like james brown said!
AWSOME NATURAL AID Comments By: TEE TECKK on 2009-03-02
i tried it. it worked after the first sip! i love how the simplest things work. tv says peptobismol ..
i say no name CLUB SODA!! lol

Pregnancy heartburn quashed by soda water! Comments By: Pumpkin Mama on 2009-06-06
I drank almost nothing but soda water when I was pregnant as it was the only thing that relieved my constant heartburn. Our supermarket sold a 4 bottle-pack (4 x 1 litre) and I would get through about 4 of these a week. I started off having it with a drop of pink grapefruit squash or lime cordial, but in the end I was glugging it down neat! It really did the trick. I still drink it now (not pregnant!) as it's a nice refreshing drink.
Honest! It does Comments By: Anon on 2011-01-15
Wowie, just had about 4 gulps of coke zero and i am back on track. Was cluthcing my chest a few seconds ago!
BRILLIANT Comments By: P Comer on 2011-02-23
Just tried this remedy.
Had a very bad attack of heartburn all morning & usual remedy just did touch it.
Tried with just a small amount of bi-carb-FANTASTIC.
I will never go anywhere without some bicarb from now on


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