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To get rid of acne and be healthier

Submitted by 12yearoldhairstylist

To get rid of acne drink lots of water. bring a water bottle everywhere w/ u and u will feel inclined to drink it. even when u don't feel thirsty, water can taste good. water will soon replace the way your body moisturizes your skin, which is now oil. excessive oil is what causes acne. wash your face with a gentle face soap often (three times a day).

Sleep with  your face off of the pillow. u don't have to hover, just try to not let your face touch the pillow too much. wash your pillowcase often, and SLEEP!! sleep makes u less stressed and reduces acne. When u sleep, your body is resting and taking a break while restoring everything to regular and fixing things that are wrong. take care of yourself and yourself will take care of you.

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