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Sheets to fit on a pillow top mattress

Submitted by Sharon M

I had difficulty putting sheets on a Pillow Top Matress.. ones that would fit and stay put. I am sure commerical sheets are available.. but don't want to spent that kind of money.

I took two sheets and sewed the sides and top. Put the mattress in like a pillow. Sheets stay straight, tight, and comfie.

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too much work Comments By: Anon on 2007-01-28
That seems like a difficult solution to a simple problem. I bought mattress garters, attached them to each corner. They keep the sheet on and are reusable.
sheet suspenders Comments By: Desperate Virginia on 2009-06-14
Can I get them in the UK anywhere ??

TipKing says: You can get them on ebay shipped from the US. I have ordered goods from the US before and it is not too expensive.


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