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Stretch marks - I know how to get rid of them

Submitted by Jayne

Well at least it worked for me, everynight I rubbed lots of baby oil on them, especially after I had my first baby, and they vanished. Try it and see.

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show som e photos Comments By: erika on 2009-02-03
hello hey i just wonder if its the true cuz i been usin this cream cosmetyn but i dont tingh it works so you ting bab y oil is better????????? how i know this is true
moisture is key! Comments By: Ang on 2011-03-16
keep hydrated and drinking a lot of water is usuually the keey to keep the skin flexible. if you dont and it stretches, the skin will tear, causing stretch marks. Of course rubbing oil or lotion alot before the mark turns white, it will heal it up. just stay healthy, run, excercise, drink some water, but the most important is be comfortalbe in your skin. My butt is basically 90% stretch marks and im 18, 5 feet and 130 pounds. Girlss dont worry about them! it makes us more beautiful and unique

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