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Want Soft Hands?

Submitted by Lauren

Are your hands as soft and smooth as sandpaper? Just try this trick. 

1) On DRY!!! hands use some body exfoliator- I really like the totally juicy grapefruit exfoliator. 

2) Rinse of with luke warm water then finish with a shot of cold water on the hands and dry thoroughly onto a towel. 

3) Put on a lotion made just for hands-- I really like H2O Hand Lotion because it works wonders! It's best to do this trick at night just through on a pair of moisturizing gloves-- 

I like bath and body beauty queen wave gloves and sleep in the morning take of the gloves put on some body lotion-- DO NOT use the hand lotion it is very heavy and will weigh you down. 

I really like Neutrogena Norwegian formula body lotion and then hit the town!

Lauren <3

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