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Use a garden hose to make spiral, hair perming rods

Submitted by jungleleah27

To make your own hair perming rods just cut an old garden hose in different lengths from about 3and a half inches to 10inches.put one end of hose rod an eight of an inch away from your scalp. Wrap hair in a downward spiral. use hairpins and end papers just as you would on normal rods. Be careful not to wrap hair to tight as this will cause severe breakage.

Next, perm hair. These rods can get very heavy (this also causes breakage) put a plastic grocery bag over your hair and tie on top. This will help to support the weight of the rods. when finished carefully unwrap starting at the bottom of the rod working your way upward. After all hose rods are removed you will have a gorgeous spiral perm. (this is suggested mainly for long hair)

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