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Easy Off for soap scum

Submitted by debbie

Not sure how this works on all surfaces but works great on my tub and shower walls please test a small area first.
Don't waste your money on EASY OFF BAM it doesn't work that well. 

Use Easy off oven cleaner to clean soap scum off your bathtub. Spray on then let set for about 5-10 minutes. Then use a sponge or scrubber to wipe off. Soap scum comes off with little effort.

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something else that works great!!! Comments By: debbie on 2006-01-20
I just have to add a comment. I have found another product that works SUPER!!! It is called LA's TOTALLY AWESOME CLEANER. You can buy it at your local Dollar General or Dollar Tree for 1.00. Spray it full strength on your soap scum and work it with a plastic scrubber or brush. This works soooo good.
no scrubbing pleeeeeze Comments By: kathklean on 2006-10-21
I can get about anything to work even water if afterwards you use a scrubber or scraper, what I want to know is a rinse off cleaner. I clean everyday and I need some help here...Anyone?????
AWESOME! Comments By: Suzie on 2006-12-28
Awesome is my one "refuse to clean without" cleaners. It's perfect on showers, tubs, sinks, countertops, walls...virtually anything. Great for mixing with water and mopping kitchen floors, where grease can soil. $1 at Dollar Tree. UNBELIEVABLE cleaner bargain!!!!!
Be Careful When Using Easy Off!!! Comments By: im1southerngirl2 on 2007-07-07
I had used it in my enclosed shower, which I had neglected for some time. I sprayed it everywhere. Unfortunately it ate through the chrome. Now I have spots and that ugly old look some shower enclosures get. It did do wonders on the tile and caulk. Just be careful not to put it on the silver surrounding material.
RE: Be Careful When Using Easy Off!!! Comments By: Industrialguy on 2008-05-06
You can use it on real chrome, like the plated racks in your oven. Just keep it away from the cheap thin decorative chrome found on plastic parts.
daily shower cleaner Comments By: Lisa on 2009-04-29
after you clean your tub and shower..to keep it clean after each use..spray with Tilex fresh shower..I found this works to keep it clean.

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