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Dry ,frizzy hair tips for straightening

Submitted by lindsay

I've always had dry, thin, frizzy hair. My hair dresser even wanted everyone in the salon to feel my wet hair ( after conditioning!) to feel how brittle it was still. I decided to try pantene winter rescue shampoo and conditioner...and it works! I just shampoo.... then condition ( leaving it in while I shave my legs...about 5 min?) and while the conditioner is in I throw my hair up in a clip so the ends don't get washed off). 

Then I wash out the conditioner. i towel dry... then go outside for a few minutes ( cold air) or rinse my head in the sink with cold water if it's too cold outside. I use the blow dryer to get my hair 80% dry...the use a large round brush to straighten.. along with a straightening iron on the lowest setting. My hair is so soft. shiny... and frizz free it's unreal! I don't know what I'll do if they don't make this shampoo in the summer...lol. Oh p.s.. ceramic irons and the best by far.. hair just glides right through them! Hope this helps!

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