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My next acne ridding expiriment...lol..

Submitted by lindsay

I've tried so much stuff to cure my acne ( home and herbal remedies) everything but the derm. SO.. I went to the natural foods store and this is what she suggested. so far so good.

I am lactose intolerant so she said stay away from dairy for 2 reasons. Intestinal. and for my face. I did this and in about 3 weeks I notice a difference. 

Next step... water. drink a lot of it. I have a 20 oz bottle that i refill 3x daily...so far so good. I have more energy too, lol. Only bad thing is peeing at 4am,lol.

Vitamins. A multi-vitamin with A,C,B12, B4..magnesium, E, selenium are a must. I guess vit A,C,E help with skin cell renewal and turnover. Just started them yesterday.. i'll update with that. 

Green tea has tons of anti oxidants and i supposed to be great for healthy complexions. ( CAFFEINE FREE) ..caffeine might cause acne. i try to drink 1 cup in the morning and end up drinking about 2 before bed. with sugar and NO milk.

I wash my face in the morning with a panoxly10 bar with a wash cloth and use Olay Complete All day moisture lotion ( it has vit E and C, too) and use Doctor Burt's herbal blemish stick with tea tree oil as a spot treatment. 
Try not to cake on the makeup .. I know I sometimes feel like I have too. At night I do the same thing.. but if my face feels dry ( that panoxly bar will dry out skin) then I'll skip that step and just use a wash cloth with water.

Also wash your makeup brushes regularly, pillow cases...anything that bacteria can get on and then touches your face. neosporin works good too. I know this i long... but so far it's working. My skin tone is much more even and is getting a glow.. plus in 3 days no NEW breakouts so far. I hope this works for u too.. i know a lot of the other tips didnt..lol.

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smart Comments By: ninz on 2006-01-21
your tip is excellent
it focusses on all the right things,
everyone who has skin or health issues should all follow this, the smarter way to have great skin
thanks for all these great tips!

Dermatologist recommended Comments By: Chris on 2006-01-26
If excess oil (sebum) seems to be a component, change your pillow case every night. The oil that accumulates from your hair and face can be redeposited, causing clogged pores.

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