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Sea salt for acne

Submitted by lindsay

Well I was thinking... If swimming in salt water clears up ( or dramatically improves) acne. Then maybe try this. I bought sea salts from the natural foods store. Then I got a spray bottle and put in very hot water and the salt...

Shook it up and spray it on my face before bed ( after it dried). I'm still experimenting with the ingredients.. like how much salt to how much water. Hope this helps.

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Wrong Comments By: Anonnnn on 2008-01-01
Its not the salt water, its the sunlight. I was just up at Lake Tahoe and the bumps on my arms cleared up while I was there and then came back when I got home. But I was at the beach, in the sun, everyday and thats fresh water. So..
sea salt does clear acne Comments By: Matt on 2009-04-11
I had really bad acne and had tried lots of the usual washes/gels/antibiotics. I was on holiday and noticed that the salt water pool cleared my skin. I now steam facial with sea salt water daily and wash with benzoyl peroxide 5% then rinse with the sea salt water (cooled to medium hot). The bp alone was never enough to clear the acne but used with the sea salt and steaming it's cleared my skin. Anyone with acne should give sea salt a try!

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