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Daily cleansing routine for blemish prone skin

Submitted by Kay

If you have blemishes, i think you should first get into a routine of using 3 steps in your cleansing routine, if you already don't.

This would include:

The combination of all 3 products makes a huge difference. (make sure you buy products for your skin type)I strongly recommend olay products (olay clarity for cleanser and toner, olay complete for a moisturizer) However if you have found a line of products you like, don't change on my account :)

As well if possible invest in a clay mask, which you should use weekly.

Morning: gently wash face with cleanser, follow with toner HOWEVER when using your toner, pat the solution on your face, do not wipe the solution across your face it strips the skin, and causes more oil production (this is a huge mistake many people make), complete with a good moisturizer that contains spf.

Day: You should not wash your face more than twice a day, so nothing really should be done during the day. (if you find your face is shiny there are oil absorbing sheets that can even be used over makeup, and they work wonderfully.)

Night: Follow the exact same steps as used in the morning.

* This routine should keep your skin looking its best, PLEASE stay with it for a LEAST 2 WEEKS, If you find its not working at all after that, then i apologize and wish you the best of luck finding another solution :)*

Visitors comments

does anybody know? Comments By: JEZZ on 2006-02-19
Does any one know where i can get some of these oil absorbing strips? How much do they cost?
drugstore Comments By: jules on 2006-02-23
oil absorbing sheets can be purchased at most drugstores. Clean and Clear makes them. It's about 6 dollars canadian per package, which contains 50 sheets.

great solution Comments By: anon on 2007-05-10
when washing face, it's a mith that if you scrub harder your face will be cleaner. All it does is, make your skin red & irratated so be careful!!!
where to buy oil absorbing sheets Comments By: [Dakotaa] on 2008-08-09
You can buy the oil absorbing sheets at any drug store I use the clean && clear ones. They work awesomely. And they don't smudge your makeup

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