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Rinse Away Swimmers Green Hair

Submitted by Vanessa

There have been published reports of blonde hair going green after prolonged exposure to chlorine in swimming pools. Sometimes darker hair can also develop a green tint to it. My 3 daughters have blonde hair and I do to. We all live in the swimming pool so "green swimmers hair" has occurred to us several times. 

The problem is due to high concentrations of copper dissolved in the pool water. This can chemically interact with chlorine and the resulting chemical compound readily binds to the hair cuticle (Goldschmidt 1979, Goette 1978). It has also been reported that high levels of copper in tap water can also turn hair green (Goldschmidt 1979). 

My mother who is a beautician gave me a solution to wash the "Green right out of your hair". It is tomato sauce. 
Simply shampoo your hair as usual then work one 8 ounce can of tomato sauce into your hair (you may use more if needed). Rinse out the tomato sauce with warm water (the warmer the better). Shampoo hair again then use conditioner.

It really works!!!

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