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3 Steps for Clear Acne-Free Skin!

Submitted by naina

Cleanser- Lifebuoy Clear Skin bathing bar (this is actually a soap and a cleanser in one for easy convinenice) You can get upto 70% reduction in moderate and severe acne in just 6 weeks! just use twice daily and leave the lather on for a minute before rinsing!

Moisturizer- Lacto Calamine Lotion is made out of clay and glycerin which protects your skin from pollution, gets rid of dead skin cells and retains your skins essential moisture. It will give your skin an overall healthy clear look getting rid of scars, pimples and other skin problems!

Powder- Ponds oil control talc with orange peel extracts and sun protection has its unique oil control complex instantly soaks and regulates excess oil for upto 4 hours! The orange is great for healing pimples because of its vitamin c!

TipKing Says: See the comments at the bottom of this page by Naina as to where these products are available.

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help Comments By: anon on 2006-02-11
i heard that lifebuoy soap isnt available on the east coast of US. Anyone seen it??
reply to help Comments By: naina on 2006-02-16
all the items found here are available for really cheap here in india i am not sure about other countries but just ask the store clerk if they have any =)
Where is this stuff? Comments By: jezz on 2006-02-19
I live on the east coast of the US too. I havn't seen any of these products in the stores.

TipKing says: I am in the UK and I have not heard of them. Sorry not to help!

Information on where to get these items: Comments By: naina on 2006-03-03
I have searched these items

lacto calamine - http://www.expresschemist.co.uk/product_2689_LAC2689.html
(currency in pounds)

ponds oil control talc -http://www.desistores.net/product_info.asp?product_id=989&category_id=55
(currency in rupees)

hope this helps =)

TipKing Says: Thank you very much Naina

3 Steps for Clear Acne-Free Skin Comments By: Vicky on 2007-01-09
I reside in Uae and couldnot locate the clear skin Lifebuoy in any stores, but gat it ordered via online .. it would cost 3 to 4 $ for a soap. there are many other Lifebuoy soaps which is avaliable on stores internationally .. and look out for one which states about clearing pimples, It works !!
West Indian store Comments By: Zee on 2010-03-18
You can get at any West Indian store
Clear skin Comments By: Jiyashah on 2011-09-20
Product lifebuoy clear skin is no more available in the market, I wish this product is available again as it really keeps my skin healthy and pimple free. I'm eagerly waiting for the same to buy as pimples have made my face look bad and dark.

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