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Soothing an earache with a hotwater bottle

Submitted by sam

Fill a hotwater bottle with warm water and wrap a towel around it. Place in on your pillow and rest the sore ear on top.

The heat from the water will ease the pain while you get some kip.

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hot water bottle on ear Comments By: Rachel on 2007-07-18
My mum always gave me a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel and it took the edge off the pain and is very comforting anyway. But please make sure it won't burn your child. It's very important to wrap the towel around it.
Worked for a while Comments By: Anita on 2007-09-26
I have had earache all day but NHS Direct suggested the hotwater bottle and it really took the edge of the pain.

I have now tried the mouthwash idea and it is fantastic.

>.< Comments By: Alex Longden on 2009-06-10
I have terrible throbbing earache, i tried the hot water bottle technique last night and it the morning i thought it would be better but actually amde it worse my ear staarted to throb and it felt like it was on fire even touching my ear hurt :(
ummmm Comments By: anon on 2010-12-15
I dont know if i should risk it sounds it will work but im not 100% sure

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